Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 127

AlbertLocation. Washington state (exact location not give
Date: October 2 2010 Time: evening
The witness had just finished watching the news and
had gone outside and laid down on the
round ottoman when he noticed what looked like a flock of geese flying over in the dusk or nor
quite twilight. It occurred to him that they were f
lying in perfect formation so he got up and
tried to look at them more closely. What he saw was
a dark outline of a ‘Chevron’ floating over
him around 1,000-2,000 feet up. He saw the outline
of it and could see around 20 dark points
on it all up and down the bottom of the Chevron and
then after about 5 seconds he realized
that the ‘points’ were actually strange human shaped bird-like figures that appeared to be
flying on round platform-like disks on the ends of
the top of the Chevron. They didn’t look
human but more like ‘Birdmen”. However they lacked
wings but some had what appeared to be
large ‘bird-shaped heads’. The figure were very large, he estimated that they were at least 10
feet high. The Chevron looked like it was thin and
not more than 15-20 feet wide from the
bottom and between 100-300 ft long. The witness felt uneasy about the sight and went back
inside the house. He did not go out the rest of the
HC addendum

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