Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 129

AlbertLocation. Indiana, exact location not given
Date: October 19 2010 Time: 05:25 a.m.
At an unspecified location in Indiana a witness had
been having difficulty falling sleep and
awoke early to realize that he had not taken the trash out to the curb. For some reason he had
a really uneasy feeling but ignored it. After taking the trash out, he went to the front porch to
smoke a cigarette. As he walked out he stood there
and all of a sudden he saw movement out
of his peripheral and immediately looked in that direction. He couldn’t believe his eyes as what
appeared to be an ‘alien gray’ was trying to sneak
across the street unnoticed. The witness
walked off the porch to see where the creature had
gone but it had vanished. He finished his
cigarette and went back inside; he described the figure as a ‘classic gray alien’. The skin looked
gray and it was not wearing any clothing, it also had a very different stride from that of a
HC addendum
Type: E
Location. Villaflores, Chiapas, Mexico
Date: October 20 2010 Time: 03:00 a.m.
A strange humanoid or creature was reported in this
area as it descended from the sky close
the River Mactzumon. At first it appeared to be a large sphere emitting a beam of light. As it
descended on the river bank and upon closer inspection it was noted that the sphere was part
of a three meter tall humanoid creature. It apparently noticed the witnesses looking at it and it
then ran towards them. Needless to say all the witnesses fled in a panic.

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