Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 89

Location. Near Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Date: November 28 2009
Time: 1030a
The witness was driving to Al Ain (located 135km from Abu Dhabi) when he stopped his car for a break, strangely his car radio stopped playing and only emitted a strange ‘tune’. He had his camera with him so he took a few pictures of the desert. There was a fence to keep civilians out of desert (strange) but he jumped the fence to take few pictures and started walking towards a sand dune. Suddenly he spotted something, which at first he thought was a plane, and then he saw this thing moving very fast and suddenly stop. It then came closer to the witness and at this point he couldn’t move his body and his camera was still in his hand, but he couldn’t move anything. His head and eyes were fixed on the object. When it came a bit closer the witness saw that it was round in shape with no windows, and ‘sand’ in color. It hovered about 50 feet away from the witness and began to spin rapidly. The witness then fell to his knees as he felt “waves” coming from it and had a strong headache. The object moved again and then suddenly changed into a triangular form and started moving slowly away. When the object vanished in the distance the witness was able to move again. Since the incident the witness has suffered from headaches, had really strange dreams in which he sees shapes, (circles, triangles, etc) he then sees numbers and possibly equations. In the dream he then sees a place where there are big clouds and explosions and strange circles that appear to be connected to the Earth. The witness also alleges he has become sort of clairvoyant as he is able to experience the feelings of people, animals and even trees. He says he is having difficulty coping with the whole situation.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC
Type: F?

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