Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 90

Australia (exact location not given)
Date: December 2009
Time: night?
A mother outlines a recent event experience by her son (involved in other encounters). He was shown a ‘van’ and he got inside as there was no feeling of fear present. All 5 beings were ‘Asian’ in appearance. The two at the controls did not once turn to him so he did not see their actual faces. The ‘van’ changed from, it turned into a ship of some sort. He was taken straight up at a speed that made his stomach feel like he was on a lift. He was, in seconds, looking down at the earth from space. He was then taken to another location where they ‘hovered’ over the surface of the planet. He saw other beings on this planet and they were destroying what was on it. He remembers feeling confused as these beings had ships hovering over the surface also and, were visibly, technically advanced…so he could not understand why they would be using brute force…to attack in such manner. He does not remember what they looked like only that they had a type of ‘scale’ and were colored. He was not at all scared as he said he just knew that the ship he was in was more advanced and that the beings could not harm them at all. He was then taken to a much larger ship where, the one he was on was ‘docked’. He remembers asking if he could operate one of the smaller ships. He was informed that they still had ‘laws’ to follow as far as the ships were concerned but if he stayed in the immediate vicinity, he can have permission. (!) He did, when he came back and got out, he said he just wanted to go again and they allowed him to do so. They were in the ship together again and he was asked if he would be an ‘ambassador’ to the earth for their introduction. They then did something that amazed him, they changed his form! They said that the people on earth respond better to a form that is very pleasing. He could then see himself changed. He said he was very slender (stocky in normal appearance) he had on a suit and his face was quite handsome. He told his mother that he did not feel good about any of that and refused to take a new form. They were compliant and told him that he is able to have only that one form, if he agreed…no other. He doesn’t recall anything after that as he must have been brought back.

HC addendum
Type: G?

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