Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 95

Location. Heiden, The Netherlands
Date: 2010 Time: night
The witness, a young man named Soufian (involved in other encounters) had gone to sleep
as usual and during the middle of the night Soufian began to experience a strange ‘dream’. In
this dream he saw himself lying down in bed. There was a tall and slender female humanoid
figure standing alongside the bed, about 1 meter away. The lady was wearing light colored
robes; she had pale gray colored skin and long pale blond/white hair which hung down to her
shoulders. She looked very healthy, with smooth skin. For some reason Soufian does not
remember her facial features. Her arms and lower legs were exposed, and other than the skin
tone looked human.
Soufian stared at this scene for a couple of seconds. Then without warning the figure was
closer and appeared to have her hands down inside of his lower chest. He immediately felt
excruciating pain, like the lady was moving his lower ribs back and forth and crushing down on
them. From his current viewpoint he could not see whether or not his chest was actually
opened up, but he feels that it wasn’t and that the hands of this being had somehow entered
his skin. He watched himself struggling against what was taking place, but he felt that he was
paralyzed and trapped. The intense pain continued. He tried shouting out but could not scream,
there was just complete silence. The procedure seemed to go on for a very long time, possibly a
couple of hours, although Soufian says that it could have been less but felt so long due to the
pain. Then all of the sudden it was over. The lady vanished and he awoke with a shock.
However despite the traumatic experience he had just undergone, Soufian soon drifted back off
the sleep. In the morning he lay in bed remembering what had taken place. He could feel that
his lower ribs were aching. At first he was frightened to check, but after about half an hour he
looked over his body for any markings or cuts. There was nothing. He got up and went into
work like normal. The aching pain in his ribs continued for several hours before finally
dispersing. However his ribs continued to feel sensitive for at least another day.
HC addendum
Source: Dave Hodrien, Birmingham UFO Group

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