Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 99

Location. Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Date: April 17 2010 Time: evening
A woman was driving her ex and his son back home from a birthday dinner at a favorite
restaurant and was coming along a two lane stretch of road when ahead of them they saw what
appeared to look like a large white ball that had moved out onto the highway directly from a
cemetery above. She said it began coming towards them as if it were trying to collide with the
vehicle and the closer they got to this thing they had a better look at it. She described it as
appearing to be half-animal, reptile, half-human with human limbs. It had two arms and two
legs and was crawling on its belly. She hoped that the creature would exit the highway and into
the woods to prevent getting hit but it just continued moving directly at them and the vehicle.
She slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting it and at that point the creature went from to
‘spinning’ like a tornado right before it made contact with the front of the vehicle.
Then she said it went beneath the radiator and vanished. She, her ex and his son were all
quite shaken and terrified and said that whatever the creature was it wasn’t anything from this
world. She continued describing it as having two human arms and legs, mid body alligator or
reptile and white as snow. It crawled on its stomach like reptile. He ex stated that during the
encounter it felt like time had stood still. Everything just slowed down. All three of them agreed
that they had a very eerie feeling of something very evil present before they encountered this
HC addendum
Source: Phantoms