Albuquerque/Rio Rancho- UFO/Paranormal Forum – Bust a Move- Is this all True Series #132

Two weeks ago there was a powerful meeting in Albuquerque, a group of 50+ like-minded truth seekers gathered for their April meeting. An informal survey showed that the group was represented by 26 states, 3 foreign countries and two other planets, couple of NHBEs in the room – (no kidding). The group processed connectiveness and a lot of great energy.

The meeting kicked off with a bang as Norio Hayakawa (the one man Galactic band) played his universal favorites from his cosmic wave’s selection of tunes. The music got the group in a magical, mystical mood.

One of the people who shared a wonderful story was from Peru. She spoke of several abduction like encounters. Some of her abductors looked like small children, but acted like adults. These beings had a shining /glowing quality about them. They (the little ones) took her to a planet that had and looked like New Mexico’s reddest soil. On one trip she saw hybrid type children, small babies. This Peruvian lady has wondered if the children were hers. She also stated she was told that New Mexico would be a safe place in consideration of a future earth changes.

There was another attendee who was a part of a group of women who have a common mission to find some type of truth, which is interwoven in some way with Albuquerque. This is channeled information tells of the rituals and the meeting locations the women are to follow and go. This last meeting was on the highest of the five volcanoes on Albuquerque’s West Mesa, where after the last ritual, a group of small children ascended to the volcano’s peak. There was a strange feeling all around.

Next there was world-famous psychic and founder of “The School of Now”. Her mission is to build a wonderful alternative school to mentor kids who are challenged by the normal world. The school will be state of the art and totally sustainable. This is truly an amazing cause.

It’s looking like Albuquerque/Rio Rancho- UFO/ Paranormal Forum is becoming a force in the UFO/ Paranormal community in the Southwest. At next month’s meeting (May) the topic will be Montauk in 2010 – still the mystery of mysteries. There also will be time for sharing.

See you there.

Sleep tight the truth seekers are seeking for you.


Their Executive Committee – The Wise Seven MJ-7

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