"Aliens(ETs) are coming", No, actually they are here, have been here.

For a very long time, thousands of years, they have modified us, many times.
And here we are, waiting for the next wave of change. David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. says we are in the middle of a major “threat” to the very existence of our humanness.
We are going through a hybridization period with a group of Greys. They are using our good gene pool to strengthen their weak one. I fully agree that this group has been at it for 50 to 60 years.

Now a great linguistic/historian researcher Zecharia Sitchin claims his group of beings has been visiting earth for thousands of years and creating and recreating us periodically as their planet Nibiru gets close to earth every 3600 years or so because of Nibiru’s very wide orbit around the Sun. And I also think this could be true.

There are perhaps 100 plus groups of beings that are presently among us. They live on our same dimension and on several other dimensions; some only cross over occasionally to interact with us.

We have been changed, molded and modified since our very beginning; so does Professor Jacobs believe it is really a threat? Or are we just an “Alien Harvest” as Linda Moulton Howe has said; just like we harvest fish from the sea. Each group of beings perhaps has their own separate reasons to need us, want us, and maybe even harvest us.

So who can judge if this is all bad? We are the product of our history, of our modifiers, and our Gods.

I will make the small prediction that in 50 years our type of humans will be extinct.
The new type will be smaller, less emotional, less aggressive and more obedient.
The BIG question will be- will we know we are less HAPPY or will that even be important anymore?

More on this stuff coming– in our modified future.
Enjoy – Sleep tight – You are being changed.


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