An Update on Gary McKinnon, the Alien Super Hacker–Is it all True Series #56

Mr. Gary McKinnon is the man who committed the “biggest military computer hack of all time”. Mr. McKinnon is accused of hacking into 97 NASA and US military computers in 2001 and 2002. The US estimated he caused $700,000 of damage to the systems, not to mention, damaged about 100 egos of the IT security guys making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year protecting us from the bad guys (or so they say). These systems are supposed to be the most sophisticated in the world. This is where all our secrets our stored. So here is a guy, whom I am told was just a medium level hacker, and apparently he just used a store-bought software called Remotely Anywhere to do his exploring. He calls himself a “bumbling computer nerd”, who admits an addiction to computers, and he would hack only when fully loaded with beer and marijuana for hours on end. He used a non-sophisticated Perl script and searched for blank passwords and much to his surprise apparently there were many opportunities, which let him into the systems.

So what did he find? Please note some of the following is pure speculation on my part, and some is based on interviews done by reporters with Gary over the past 6 years. He has always had an interest in UFOs, free energy technology, and anti-gravity technology and is possibly interested in the events surrounding 9/11. He claims some of the information he saw talked about captured spacecraft and the reverse engineering of craft, (a Bob Lazar-type comment.) There was even an interesting comment about a huge cigar shaped vehicle floating over the northern hemisphere (Mother-ship anyone?). He says he actually saw a low-resolution image of the craft. Now could alien beings be using Mr. Gary to spy for them and see what we know? Probably not since they would be able to do this for themselves. (This would have saved Gary’s beer and pot bill.)

So now what is going to happen to Gary? Last I heard he is waiting for the final word if he is going to be extradited from Britain, where this all happened, to the US. If he is extradited, he could face 70 years. His greatest fear is that he would be sent to Git-Mo to be used as an example to other future hackers. He didn’t help himself by leaving the following note on one of computers he was looking around in… “US foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism these days. It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand-down on September 11 … I am Solo (his nickname). I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels”. Gary did state he was always very frightened when he realized that there were other people with foreign ISP’s routinely going through things in the same systems he was hanging in. He said it was very worrying that the world’s only super-power could be breached so easily.

You know I have heard that the US Pentagon has over 250,000 attacks in a single year and the vast majority of the cases are never solved, so Gary is not unique or is he? Did he see/find the mother-load of UFO information, which would finally blow the lid off the greatest secret ever–that we are in fact, not alone.

Good luck Gary–you are going to need it. The US will do anything to keep this secret forever.

Sleep tight. Dick Cheney is watching over you- still.


Alien or Hacker or Both ???

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  1. That is the worst photograph of Gary McKinnon I’ve ever seen and doesn’t actually look like him.
    When Gary said “It was no accident there was a stand down etc) this was because he believed in the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job.

    He was crazy for trespassing inside military computers but the notes he left on those computers were messages that were essentially a cyber peace protest.
    He’s a Pacifist and a Truth Seeker and nothing more.

    After almost seven years now, which is how long ago his hacking on an old dial up computer took place; it’s about time the U.S government dropped this and tried to find some real terrorists.

    When he left notes telling them their security was crap, they should have fixed out their security and let him be tried in the U.K if he needed to be tried at all.
    It’s pretty awful that U.S military computer security was virtually non existent before and after 9/11 when they were supposedly on heightened security alert and according to another U.K hacker Mathew Bevan, their security has been almost non existent for years on end.
    Why? Are their traitors in the U.S military?

    If Gary McKinnon could walk in via an old dial up computer, what could a real terrorist do? This is scary!!!

    Let the guy go and hire some decent IT staff.

    Maybe he really did see the extra Terrestrial Officers he spoke of and the Fleet to Fleet transfers. So just why is this information being supressed.

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