Analysis #2: “A Warm September Night”

Research is showing family genetics is involved heavily in regard to this phenomenon of alien abductions. Investigators in obtaining knowledge have done studies from alien abductees.

In my own situation my siblings are not abductees. The question was where and how did abductions enter into our life. Are humans just chosen at random? This could be possible if you are married to an abductee. I had many questions from the on start of our awakening. Through the years I began to hear about family genetics. Family genetics soon came to a head in our family as I had two members consult me privately about some weird happenings leading up to possible alien abductions within the scope of our large family. I could not fathom who in our family’s history would be holding and living with such a secret. Discussions with my brother prompt the need to conduct a family investigation. I strongly felt the involvement rose from our father’s side of the family as our dad used to talk about this forest behind their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The story was told many times during our life as we grew up. The story was always incomplete. The story he told was when he was a small boy until teen years walking into the thickness of the “woods” with some of his brothers, witnessing some weird “stuff”, end of story. He would never let on “what was the weird stuff.” I wondered if there was anything valid towards abductions in his story. When telling us the story his face showed signs of fear. My brother felt this came from our mother’s side of the family. Having three older maternal siblings who were still alive my bother confronted them. They being of Hispanic culture would not ever let out this knowledge if in fact it occurred. Hispanics are a very proud people and if anything like this did occur within the whole maternal family, it would be buried and not spoken of to anyone! To my surprise when my brother came back with a large smile on his face, stating to me, after he interviewed each one privately, bits and pieces of the story were revealed! So does that mean my mother’s siblings and her aunt and the possibly my dad were abducted too by these Universal Beings? Did these Universal Beings bring my mother and father together in marriage for what purpose? That’s a whole other subject here.

My own private studies with alien/Milab clients this fact held true. Using hypnotherapy and an open unconscious mind revealed known knowledge within my client’s own families. Many of my clients had the knowledge at an early age of family genetics playing a role within their own families. Each client was asked to conduct their family investigations. Quite surprisingly to all of us I am able to say 100% family genetics are involved, discovered through verbal or written family dynamics that family genetics played a role not just in recent generations but past generations as some families beheld the written knowledge for many generations. Is this to say that alien abductions began in cave men days?? I believe so.

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