Analysis #3: “A Warm September Night”

Are family, extended family, friends and perhaps yourself questioning your sanity? Do you feel they are laughing at you? Are you experiencing disbelief on something that is so extraordinary that might be happening to you or your family? You don’t have to be closed-minded in regard to what may be transpiring in your life, past or present time. If a human is open-minded about this phenomenon I have found out they can be just as astounded as the closed-minded human to the fact of “Why me” “Why did ‘they’” (meaning the universal extraterrestrials) or for a lack of a given name you may be calling them “Creatures” or in a spiritual sense “Creatures from hell” (meaning creatures coming from the realm of Satan). If you are sitting in a bedroom chair questioning your own sanity after a “weird dream experience,” that felt as real as in the sense of what “real life” means to you. Most of us call this a “real life dream experience” that has left unexplained bruises, cuts, needle marks on your body, if you are an adult female alien abductee you might find yourself feeling pregnant noticing the movements of a fetus, then after three months of pregnancy, finding yourself no longer pregnant? Is your mind in such of an upset that you are just spinning around in the safety of your own home? At least you thought your own environment was safe until these weird happenings of real life dream(s) began. There is help for you! You can start by getting back into “life” and learning more about these Universal Beings, providing if you don’t know about them already? If you do, and need more information on what is transpiring with you and/or your family or if you are closed-minded in regard to this phenomenon, hey…I’m here for you and that’s just a beginning to get yourself back to a “normal” state. Yes, you were “chosen” by these Universal Beings. You are not the “Only One” living through “weirdness” of a different type of life. If I have percentages correct about 80% of our world’s population is experiencing alien abductions. There is no particular single group of humans who are chosen. I myself have guided through hypnotherapy, schoolteachers, high ranking military personnel, doctors, children, husbands, wives; my list goes on. I have confirmation of known world leaders who are leading this type of life. Just because of Genetics?? Below are some pictures/drawings of just a very few different universal extraterrestrials that may be preying upon you. They may present themselves to you normally at nighttime but an abduction experience can occur in the daytime as well. I’ve seen through my client’s drawings, many different types of universal extraterrestrials coming from different home planets throughout the vastness of the universe. The norm of extraterrestrials that I hear about firstly is the extraterrestrials pictures I have included below. Abduction experiences are not always horrific, many abduction experiences are good experiences as they teach us about their technologies; teachings about themselves and their worlds.


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