Analysis #4: “A Warm September Night”

Implants: (to insert or graft a tissue, organ, or inert substance into the body). Medication or radioactive material inserted into tissue for sustained therapy. A frame or support inserted permanently into bone or soft tissue.

Not only are alien abductees (abductions resulting from a universal specie) implanted but abductees who are also abducted as MILABS (Military/government abductions) are also implanted with small devices into the human body. These implants which are small devices are used as “communication systems” or “locators” by these Universal Beings who also gave this technology to each earthly heads of military governments to “implant” each alien or MILAB abductee. Do you know of another reason which I have not stated for the use of these implants into an alien or MILAB abductee? Please let me know as my studies and research are never ending.

I was very fortunate to have made this discovery of “Implants” that invaded my body. Thinking I had a live insect trying to find its way out of my ears. The tickling vibrations that I continually felt within my ears at different times caused me to probe my ears with q-tips, my long finger nails, warm olive oil, warm water washes, basically anything I could get a hold of to get this live insect out of my ears. To my surprise I caught the little “bugger” as it “vibrated” towards the opening of my ears. My astonishment and surprise finding out that it was not an insect!! I had no idea what came out of my ears, or where they came from. These occurrences happened at least six to eight times and I did save these devices. Little did I know at the time these were “Implants” that had been implanted into my body either by the Universal Beings or the military/government that were abducting me. In examining these strange small black devices which appeared to be perfectly square or in a triangle shape which had unusual ridges on one side and on the other side contained much hair like follicles. After using a magnifying glass to look at each one as it came out of my ears, the construction of the devices appeared to be the same. These devices could not be damaged in the destructive processes that were conducted upon them. These processes proved to have failed: slicing with a knife, scissors, boiling and finally a friend who is a chemist using their known chemicals and knowledge for investigations, these devices remained perfect in their state. Handing over three of these devices “Implants” to a known investigator for further investigations before any destructive processes took place, these devices were confirmed as “ Alien Implants”.

Another implant came out of my teeth area. Being bothered by what I thought was food in between two molars. After once again digging now in my mouth, one morning I felt that I had lost the right side of my face along with the teeth, as it felt that side just exploded!! What came out of the gum area that pointed outwards was a one-half inch long narrow circular shape white Implant. Next week I will follow up this article with clients’ implants and more knowledge and perhaps pictures of implants.

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