Analysis #4: "A Warm Summer Night" Implants continued

Many of my hypnotherapy clients would like their implants surgically removed. A known history fact is: Yes, these implants can be surgically removed. Give a week or two the “alien abductee” is abducted once again by these alien extraterrestrials (the same is true with MILABS) and a new implant is implanted right back again into the human abductee’s body. There are only two reputable persons that I know of that will work with surgical doctors to have these implants removed. Their names are Mr. Derrel Sims and Dr. Roger Leir. These two men have a large exhibit of implants they have removed from alien abductees. The assigned questionnaire and repeated interviews that is given to the abductee from either man is quite extensive but necessary before any surgical process takes place. Mr. Derrel Sims has done extensive workshops and writings to educate the populace. So….if there is a “Closed Minded Medical/Mental Health Doctor in the House” take heed this strange phenomenon and begin right now your investigations, learning, and belief into new considerations.

Many medical doctors and doctors in the mental health field (Psychiatrist, Psychologist), throughout the United States and I’m sure throughout our world have recently (since 1964 the Betty and Barney Hill incident — one of the first contact cases) have investigated and have a growing interest in this particular phenomenon. This last statement said I find there is much controversy as to the interest in the medical field. Out of the five to eight million Americans find themselves being either X-rayed, or having an MRI. The “quizzical doctor” questions the abductee (medical patient) “have you had some type of surgery because the evidence points to a small square or triangle metal object embedded in the area of interest that has caused the “patient” to seek medical services. As an example perhaps a broken leg, foot, arm, unusual sinus problems takes the (abductee) patient to seek the proper medical care. Given the fact though there are many “closed minded” Medical doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist who would rather put this particular “off the wall” patient on strong medications rather than listen and learn. As I have discussed in my book my experiences on this subject (“Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee”) and listening to my hypnotherapy clients many have told of their experiences to their medical or mental health doctors and found these doctors were “opened minded” to the fact of this phenomenon. In my practice I have recommended that my clients do further investigations into their suspect implants by obtaining X-rays for their own confirmations. The decision is then left up to my client if they would like to have the implant removed. The majority have chosen to leave the implant alone in their bodies.

Many alien abductees find themselves seeking mental health services because of not being educated on the purpose of these implants. (Yes, you think you are “insane” hearing voices in your head!) Contact can be made at no given apparent time of day or night, as an example within your head you hear your name being called out; looking around at your present environment where you may be when contact is made either in a quiet space or a room full of noisy people you search for the voice that has called out your name.

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