Analysis #4 Continue: “A Warm September Night”

Guiding Alien and MILAB abductees since 1998 to present the majority of my clients have been implanted by these Universal Species and the clients who are MILAB’s also believe that our own governments use this given technique as well. Through Regression therapy (hypnotherapy) many of the clients have experienced through their regressions what the unconscious mind has released. Reliving the experience is quite painful physically and mentally to know what transpired and what is being done to them.

The areas of the body that these alien extraterrestrials use to implant these devices into our bodies are normally the left ear, and will use the right ear as well or both ears at one time. The sinus cavity where the third eye sits between the eyebrows, the upper nostril area, behind the eyeball, lower arm, above the fingers, on the foot above the toes, the thigh area or in the calf of the leg. Some implants have been located I believe in a part of the brain. Many of these discoveries were found out accidentally when an x-ray was taken in the suspected areas of implantation. The implants do show up in x-rays! Many of my clients who have been implanted will bring their x-rays for study. I have learned a lot from Mr. Derrel Sims on implants from his website, exhibits, and his knowledge into the various types of implants. He is a very well versed knowledgeable investigator.

Two male clients one with a thigh implant; the other with a calf implant the approximate size of 1/4” long and 1/4” wide. The suspect implants protrude many a time out from the mass of body tissue lying right under the skin. These implants cause the “owner” such excruciating pain that travels up the side of their body either towards the spinal column or towards their brain when the implant is touched, or rubbed up against by their own clothing. A surgical nurse performed minor surgery. Cutting into the area, the implant quickly retreated back into the mass of body muscle. What the nurse described seeing was a grey unknown covering of closely woven material covering the implant (?) that seemingly was intertwined deep into the muscle. The implant was not removed. What purpose these implants are for is unknown.

Implantation behind the eye causes continued excruciating pain. Clients have relived the experience of actually seeing the unusual medical devices used to actually remove one eye completely. Due to undue stress of the occurrence the abductee passes out. Are these Extraterrestrials using our eyes to see with??

Have you ever experienced a bloody nose that the blood just seemingly pours out from your nose and cannot be stopped for a good period of time? An abductee wakes up during the night with blood all over his/her pillow, bed covers, or nightclothes. These profuse nosebleeds can occur at any time and it appears that you are going to die from blood loss. Implants have been removed from these areas of the sinus cavity.

Experiencing pain and seeing nodules protruding from your arm and or foot that seemingly “vibrate” as does the implants in the ears, this could be a sign you need to pay attention to.
More to come ,, Any experiences you want to share ?

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