Analysis # 4: "A Warm Summer Night"

Implants continued:

Experiencing what I call the “electronic male voice” that will shockingly awaken you at night out of a deep sleep informing the abductee to future world devastations as example major earthquakes, Tsunami, severe weather changes, floods in major cities, Global warming and its affects, extraordinary events or happenings that normally create destructions and changes on our earth. With MILABS this “electronic voice” can also give messages and instructions in regard to future events within the diversity of world governments. Many MILAB abductees as an example were warned or told of occurrences such as 9/11 even before it happened. They are warned or given information of nuclear studies, future nuclear or laser weapon wars. Using satellites in our atmosphere has played a major scene of information given to abductees, just think about the possibilities of their usage to protect or destroy as in future wars and/or these satellites can even locate implanted people if necessary.

If in fact all of the given “voice” information coming from an alien source (extraterrestrials) using their technology of implants is because within the many universal different species that “operate” with each and every earth leader of our governments are trying to keep our earth from major upsets that could eventually destroy our earth. This is another issue for discussion.

These universal species (extraterrestrials) are known as one of the informants as well as some government peoples within each major governments who use this form of taught transmitted technology and who communicates through the implant (the electronic voice) to the abductee to either warn or thwart a given negative purpose to the populace or dignitaries of governments in regard to a major factor happening or to what the “other” country is up to.

Within the last say twenty years many abductees were given secret information and also shown through this particular use of contact “implant” the visual effects of future knowledge (happenings). Using the “implanted” ear in conjunction with the eye or brain implant as well to produce the visual scenes of the future happenings to come? In this experience instantaneously you are listening to given information as you are then shown visually, as if in a dream state effect outcomes and the warning information. The important information that is received by the Alien/MILAB abductee sends the abductee in a negative whirlwind as what to do with the given information. Was the experience real, fabricated, or just a weird dream. When these experiences first happen the abductee of course does not know what to do with the given information but eventually they are abducted again normally by the ensuing government personal to which the information is extracted in a manner from the abductee.

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