Annoucement–The UFO Watchtower and Colorado MUFON—2010 UFO Conference September 4 and 5

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Judy Messoline
The UFO Watchtower and Colorado MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) will host the 2010 UFO Conference September 4 and 5 at the UFO Watchtower, located 22 ½ miles north of Hooper on Highway 17.

Saturday speakers will include: Joe Fex, Sasquatch and Paranormal Investigator;
Gloria Hawker, Hypnotherapist and abductee; Paola Harris, from traditional Ufology to AVATAR, a New World view; Larry Porter, Remote Healing; Charles Hall, Nellis Air Force Base and the Tall Whites.
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Activities begin at 8:30 AM with the last speaker at 6:00 PM.

The Sunday speaker lineup includes: Jules Kennedy, Channeler of other worldly sources; Dr. Ardy Clarke, a Professor Emeritus, will share stories related to her by indigenous people in the US, Mexico, Central America, the South Pacific and Australia: Dori Alsop Paden, will speak about the impact of extraterrestrial contact both physical and telepathic; Niara Terela Isley former enlisted Airman in the U.S. Air Force with a 3 month block of missing time.
Speakers begin at 9:00 AM with the last speaker at 4:00 PM.
Cost for the conference is $25 per person. Camping is available at $10 per night.

Friday, September 3, will find a Gathering of Native American Healers beginning at 10:00 AM featuring Native American singers and drummers.
Cost for this event is $15 per person. Camping is available at $10 per night.

Reservations for both of these events may be obtained by calling Judy at

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