Another Green Meteor Story – Sandy Penny

. On Valentine’s Day, 2008, I was in Colorado at Valley View Hot Springs. It was just before 5 pm, and about a dozen people were in the small hot tub they call the lobster pot because it’s the hottest. A huge flouresenct green meteor shot over in the distance moving from west to east for about 2 full minutes in a very low straight horizontal pattern. It was fantasitc, All 12 of us in the lobster pot saw it and ooo’d and ahhhh’d over it. Of course, I wondered it it was, so back at my computer, for days, I searched the internet for other sightings of it, but not a single one, ever. I kept looking, and this is the first time I’ve heard of another one since then. I felt it was significant that it was green and it was Valentine’s day because although red and pink are the usual colors, we associate green with the heart chakras. Wow, what a trip.

The really cool thing is that this was so big and bright, and this was in the daylight, not the dark. I reported it on several skywatch sites online, but never got one response, comment or reply. Quite frustrating, really. The only thing I found was that if a comet is green, it usually contains copper and burning copper creates a green tail.

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