Another Trans-Dimensional Being: The Dog Man– Is it all True Series #58

There is a creature that roams mostly in the back rural areas of this country. It has been sighted in Upper Michigan, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, the four corner states of the West and southern Wisconsin. This Dog Man has also been described as a Man–wolf. Its typical description is a creature about 6 to 7 feet tall, a dog head, with fur like an animal, a slender muscular body with shoulders and human-like arms with finger–like claws. Some have also seen a large bushy tail, but others have seen no tail. Its greenest-yellow eyes glow in the dark. It can easily change from a quadruped to bipedal. It has been observed at times to have a strange skipping motion to its gate, sort of like what we saw when man first walked on the moon. Some people have said it can also puff-up like a cat in a defensive posture. Its teeth are many and it seems to enjoy showing them. This is not someone’s lost pet, this is a fairly scary-looking creature. However besides the sheer fright of the observers, no humans we know of have ever been harmed. There have been stories of farm animal killed by this strange being.

Many of the recent stories have come from my home state of Wisconsin, especially in the Southeastern part where I grew up. My grandparents had a wonderful cottage on lake in the Kettle Moraine area. As kids my cousins and I would explore the surrounding marshlands and woods. We would get temporarily lost in this fantasy world. We always felt we were being watch by something non-human, but were never frightened until the eerie howling started which was very unsettling for 8 and 10 year olds, because it was a half-human and half wolf-animal sound. We would normally leave the area quickly, but never told our parents. Also on two occasions we saw a furry “blur” traveling very quickly around us as we moved through the forest. We also after both of these encounters noticed a strong unpleasant sulfur type smell, burning our little noses.

There have been more recent sightings in a county north of my hometown of Milwaukee, in Washington County. Reports came from an area called Holy Hill where a Catholic shire is located. My friends, and I, as teenagers had some strange experiences there together. I called it Vortex Hill for these unexplained events . During November 2006 there were several independent sightings confirmed by various people, including two county workers who were picking up a road-kill deer, when a strange large creature grabbed the free meal in broad-daylight out of the back of their truck. The two guys were startled. They stated very clearly it wasn’t a bear, a wolf or a Bigfoot, but it looked a like a strange combination of the three animals.

My final thoughts on this- This Man-wolf is a trans-dimensional creature like Bigfoot, who comes and goes between here and there. Enjoying the fruits of this plane and the security of its other home, a home away from us crazy humans.

Enjoy your weekend; there is plenty of strangeness to keep us interested.



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