I am sitting at my desk in a dilemma suddenly questioning and thinking. The question I am pondering is….how do these universal extraterrestrial beings know about the demise of our planet earth? How do they have the knowledge as to when disastrous occurrences are to occur? How can they predict this knowledge of future destructions of such natures as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, hurricanes and such?? Are these extraterrestrial beings so far advanced more so than we think? Do they behold such powers of control over us and our planet? Can they literally cause these events to occur?? Again, how do they know when an occurrence such as I have listed is to take place??? I am literally stymied here!

What I am getting at here is that through the many holograms I have been put through and with my own research and research through my own clients investigations through the guidance of hypnotherapy, we all have been given the knowledge of these disastrous occurrences at one time or another that have in fact have occurred on our planet earth giving us the information through a process of holograms!

The so called “teachings” that are given to us the alien abductee, by the extraterrestrial beings who use the process of holograms have led us the alien abductee through the various disastrous occurrences that I described above.

As examples of different scenarios I will describe to the reader:
It is 10:00 P.M. you have had a full day with life’s work in whatever level of status your life is involved in. Sometime during this particular day you felt such a strange negative anxiety come over you experiencing a feeling that something is going to happen. You cautiously live through your day’s work. The day goes on and this negative anxiety grows stronger and by evening time you cannot connect with or find reason why you should be experiencing negative anxiety or thoughts. This is a symptom of an oncoming abduction. Your body is so tired and wary so finding the comfort of your own bed rewarding, you fall asleep only to wake up experiencing another “real life” alien abduction either with the grey’s, or one other alien extraterrestrials either doing something to your body or perhaps finding yourself immediately into what you think is a “bad dream” and your senses are highly engaged in this bad dream. You have awakened in an unknown Asian country sitting on a sandy beach watching the calm waves of the ocean waters washing ashore. You feel the warm or cold water surrounding your body; you felt the warm or cold sand that you are sitting on; you smell the salty ocean air, then suddenly the earth below you begins to quake beneath you; you quickly stand up and see large waves growing larger and washing ashore angrily; watching the waves grow stronger and meaner you run quickly further back, realizing these waves are not just the normal “storm” affect but something different. The waves are growing even taller as you stand and look, someone grabs your arms as you hear children, men, women screaming “Tsunami, Tsunami”. You quickly feel the pull on your arms and look up to who might be pulling at you. You see a Asian man who is yelling at you to run, and to run fast, which you do as your life depended upon it. You run hand in hand with this man up to a higher ground climbing quickly as you hear behind you the crashing of huge waves of sea water leaving you drenched with salty water. Climbing this high hill you have noticed all kinds of animals quickly passing you by running for their safety as the furious waters become more angered. You and this man find safety in a building; while noticing the building is white and you are on a porch of this large building holding tightly onto a wood column while overlooking the tall angered ocean waters below you. As you survey the surroundings, these angry tall waves are washing away people of all ages back into the waters, not only people but low lying buildings are just vanishing, everything in sight is disappearing. So much screaming is all around you, and you hold tighter onto the wooden column for your own survival. These angered waves never reach you though. You quickly wake up to find yourself distressed but lying in the safety of your own bed, trying to quickly piece together what just transpired in this “bad dream” that the realization of this dream was so real you feel your body to find it dry and not wet from the ocean waters!

Sometimes, you will not wake up in your bed but finding yourself lying on a strange floor in a darken room on board an alien ship either with your friendly grey beside you or you recognize another known entity there with you, explaining to you what just occurred with this “hologram test”! The whole realization will unveil itself into an actual life rendering reality normally within a week of this “hologram test”! You are left then as the beholder of this eventual disastrous occurrence. Knowing true evidence is given to you in such a manner of hologram tests and seeing and living through a true realization of such an occurrence, you cannot just start shouting out and telling authorities what is to occur…..who is going to believe you? You have the safety in numbers within this paranormal alien abduction family who will understand your given knowledge as they also may be experiencing various disastrous occurrences given to them also by these extraterrestrial beings hologram tests.

So as I ponder on the question “How do these extraterrestrials know”? Are they playing God? If you know the answer please let me know. I would appreciate an answer to this dilemma.

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