Are We, who We think, We are? Is It all True Series ? #183

I had a long weekend, spending about 19 hours either in the air, driving or in an airport waiting by myself. I was coming and going from Atlanta where my youngest daughter was graduating from Georgia Tech. I had plenty of time to think, which for me at times can be dangerous, or so some people tell me. I spent much of my time observing people driving their cars, sitting in an airport, and doing whatever on an airplane. They are a very curious lot. But some were not human.

I wonder if I am changing; maybe my vibration levels are increasing because I have noticed I can feel the human essence. Some people are full of joyful vibrations, while others give off only a weak spark of human life, like they are just holding on while someone or something is drawing their life force down. This lowering of their frequency can allow low-frequency predatory entities into a human’s energy field. Likes attract likes; no truer a statement has been said.

I even ran into a few people, who seemed to have no human essence at all; they had complete darkness about them. Their energy signature was at a zero. Low energy/vibration humans cannot defend themselves against these forces of void, no life, no feeling, no compassion and no love. These people are non-humans dressed in a human suit. They have no purpose but to consume, like a black hole, every bit of human essence energy they can. They are vibration vampires. We have all seen these shells of humans wondering past us daily; they are on Wall Street, they are in the board rooms of major international corporations, they are sitting mindlessly at the slot machines in Las Vegas and Reno, and they are some of our politicians who are the puppets of the low-vibe beings.

So how do we defend ourselves from succumbing to this void? It’s very simple and very effective. Be fearless, be joyful, love yourself and help others do the same. With those small steps you will increase your vibratory levels and keep your human essence as a newborn child.

Sleep tight, you have a fearless day ahead of you; embrace it, as you know you can.


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