Autistic Children -“ Children of the Gods–Is it all True Series #64

I was watching a 60 Minutes special about 6 weeks ago, and there was a story about an amazing blind boy who was a prodigy and had autistic characteristics. Early on his communication skills were minimal at best, in the form of small bursts of screaming. Then on his second birthday he started playing the piano only from hearing other music. It was quite a sight to see. He converted sounds into instant strokes on the keyboard.

By definition autism is a brain disorder, which has the characteristics of impaired social interaction and often-strange repetitive motion/behavior.

So what is the cause? Some say autism is the result of an inter-cellular brain mutation or excess gray matter in a particular region of the brain, which cause the neurons to malfunction. Now recently researchers have been debating that the possible cause could be mercury and other heavy metals in vaccine compounds, which are increasingly forced upon parents by government agencies. A more sinister cause is the possibility that it is a nano-technology being using to create or modify human children.

Over my many years of working with abductees and contactees I have heard similarities between autistic humans and some Gray-type aliens. These similar traits include lack of socializing, lack of emotions, and bursts of short strange sounds. Both groups also have high levels of intellect. One astounding similarity is that neither group can button a shirt or tie shoes.

So the question is–is there some sort of causal relationship between abductions and autism. I have talked to abductees who have had autistic children, but I have not done a true study. These are truly special children. We may be watching their evolution playing out in front of our eyes. In February 2007, the CDC stated that one in every 150, 8-year-olds has an autistic spectrum disorder, and it is developing in more children each year.

It is a mystery, and maybe only the children themselves know the answer. And they are not ready to tell us or we are not ready to hear them.

Have a great holiday season! More strange and enlightening stuff coming in 2009. It will be a year to remember, I promise you. “Be prepared and keep your socks up” (from a buddy in Tucson, AZ.)


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