Be a Flower Child – from Sandy Penny

by Sandy Penny

There’s a lot of talk these days about raising our vibrations and harmonizing with the shifting energies on the planet. Just how do we do that?

One of the tools we can use is flowers. Flowers exist to remind us of the beauty in this world. They ask for nothing, but receive everything they need to accomplish their mission on the planet: to nourish the creatures of the earth through love, beauty, vibration and micronutrients you can’t get from other fruits and vegetables. Flowers never try; they just are their highest expression. Meditating on the flower world and giving thanks for their gifts to us automatically raises your vibration. Live flowering plants inside your home enhance the beauty of your surroundings and give you live foods to enhance your diet. Just make sure you only use food grade fertilizers and pesticides if you plan to eat them.

In Europe, flowers are often used in cooking, salads and garnishes. In the United States, we tend to just use them to decorate our homes or to demonstrate our affection for our loved ones. We forget that many flowers are tasty and medicinal, and that they can affect our moods, help us sleep, heal our ailments and raise our vibration to their natural frequency of love, joy and beauty. We also get color frequency benefits from flowers in ranges that are not offered by fruits and vegetables. Flowers satisfy our eyes and our stomachs.

You can drink flower teas, and their nutrients are very absorbable and usually don’t contain caffeine as they provide mood enhancing benefits. They work directly with our endorphins, enzymes and hormones.

Chamomile flowers help us relax and sleep better. They are good for your stomach, and can be made into a paste to counteract swelling and joint pain. Lavender can be used in many recipes as an herb. It also helps us relax and inspires dreams while releasing karmic patterns from our lives. You may also enhance your psychic or intuitive abilities by regularly using lavender. Roses are edible, and in the eastern world, rose water sweetened with honey or sugar is a beverage that offers vitamin C, immune building benefits and has a cooling effect in hot climates. An infusion of rose flowers can help with headache and dizziness and can be used as a blood purifier.

Chrysanthemum tea rids us of parasites. Hibiscus flowers are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, and they have a delightful citrus taste. They can be eaten on salads, made into teas, and mixed with fruits or fruits juices. Hibiscus has a slightly stimulating effect and is used in Red Zinger blend tea. Peonies lessen the pain of childbirth. In France, violets are glazed and eaten as candy, made into teas and used as edible decorations on cakes.

Flower essences, tinctures made from flowers, can be very helpful in dealing with this constantly changing energy right now. Bach flower remedies are some of the best known, but there are many brands recommended by natural healing practitioners. Rescue Remedy, one of the Bach Flower Remedies, has helped many of my friends deal naturally with stress, anxiety and depression.

I personally muscle test all foods, supplements, and remedies to see if they are right for me at a given time. If I want to raise my vibration, I muscle test or dowse whether a course of action will accomplish that goal. Our bodies and energy systems are changing radically these days, and only we can decide what is best for us. Programs touting the same benefits for everyone are suspect to me. I want to be sure I’m doing only what my body and spirit want and need. There are no treatments that work for everyone all the time, so the first vibration-raising exercise is to acknowledge the wisdom of our bodies and honor them by asking what they need. Once we get a response, honoring the wisdom by following the guidance we get will take us to our next level of consciousness: mindful awareness and gratitude.

So, if you’re ready to become a flower child, start by muscle testing organically grown flowers and choose those that will raise your vibration and help you harmonize with and fulfill your personal mission. Flower power works. Explore, enjoy and keep growing toward your full potential.

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