Bigfoot is a Lemurian – “Oh My” —Is it all True Series #279

KewauneesBookcoverOne of the first reported Bigfoot sightings was in 1958 by Jerry Crew and his team of road builders in Bluff Creek. Jerry and his crew saw the big footprints of this creature and the name “bigfoot” was born. The whole incident was reported to the local newspaper and the legend officially began, of course there were many reports from around the world of these Bigfoot types hundreds of years before 1958.

Of course, after the initial official American sighting, Bigfoot started to be linked to UFOs and multidimensional beings. My friend and super BF researcher Kewaunee Lapseritis was one of the first to state in his books that BF were inter-dimensional and they were a connected to UFOs and alien groups.
In 1955, there was a newspaper article in the San Francisco Examiner, written by an adventurer and newspaper man, John W Chamberlain. John spoke of the Bigfoot, not as an unidentified ape, but as a survivor of a lost continent, a Lemurian. Legend has it Lemuria flooded about 10,000 to 100,000 years ago; this mountainous area sunk and the vast majority of its inhabitants perished. The exception was that a few escaped to the Pacific Northwest area of North America and maybe, just maybe they were Bigfoot.

The Lemuria Theory, although “out there,” may have some validity. By some accounts, Lemuria was a beautiful wooded mountainous continent located west of present day California, Oregon and Washington, and one of the early hot beds of Bigfoot sightings. Of course, today we all know Bigfoot can be spotted anywhere on Earth and have taken the form of similar types of creatures. I will tell you this, even if they are not from Lemuria, they are very, very real and their discovery and disclosure will be the major story of our lifetime.

Sleep tight, the world will never stop amazing us all.

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