Bigfoot — in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —The founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization said Bigfoot is as close as any mountain range in New Mexico.

Matt Moneymaker told Action 7 News that his evidence includes video footage. His show, “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet, showed an image caught on infrared camera of a creature walking in the woods deep in the Jemez.

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“I know they’re there because I’ve heard them myself during expeditions,” he said. “But there are so many witnesses up there, people continue to see them and that’s how we know they’re still there.”

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But they’re not the only ones researching in the Land of Enchantment.

Rob Kryder of Kryder Exploration has video of what he believed was a Sasquatch standing on a ridge in the Sandias in 1995. He enhanced the shot to see if it was a tree, but he says it’s clearly a Bigfoot.

“We don’t see a lot of fear response,” explained Kryuder. “We see a lot of thoughtful intelligent movement, they’re extremely extremely strategic.”

He showed Action 7 News a footprint cast of a male, about 12 feet tall who runs around with a female in the Sandias, east of the Northeast Heights.

But Kryder has also found evidence near Madrid. Kryder and his team have been tracking a family of three for about a year in the Eastern Ortiz Moutains.

They found trees pushed over, which researchers said is a form of communication or warning. They also found bark ripped off of the ones left standing.

At night, they have caught their howls.

“It was completely different,” said Kryder Exploration researcher Melissa Thompson. “There was nothing wildlife-wise that we were able to get that matched what we were seeing.”

Fellow team member Josh Lawrence said he saw “eye-shine” or a Bigfoot staring at him through some trees during an evening investigation.

“Their eyes are big,” he said. “I mean, bigger than a dog, a cat, or a rabbit.”

While most are still skeptical, that doesn’t deter these Bigfoot believers.

“There’s enough physical evidence out there to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt a thousand times over,” said Kryder.

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