Bill Cooper – Revisited–Is it all True Series # 332

Cooper 911
On November 5th 2001 Cooper was dead a couple of months after another great mystery occurred, 911, the event that Cooper indirectly predicted, in a world that was slowly going amok. Cooper’s main two themes have been that aliens have been among us for a very long time and that world governments have been trying to control the situation. The world governments are suppressing and not letting the public know the real truth, that we are being occupied and used by several groups of non-humans for their agendas.

To say the very least, Cooper was a very controversial figure, and even his death was a mystery, but I am leaning toward the idea that he was murdered. The question in my mind about his death was, why then? Bill had been speaking in public for years and his stories were very consistent. Did Bill have something new he was going to spring on the public, and maybe did it have something to do with 911? Bill had known of all the main players in 911, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the billions the government had lost in the Black Ops projects, which Rumsfeld announced the day before 911. We all know the group (department) that was investigating the Pentagon’s mystery $ lost was destroyed by a bomb alias (plane striking) the Pentagon. I truly believe Cooper was going to open up a can of truth that our government can’t control nor wanted to try to control.

After my many years in the world of UFOs and Aliens, I do believe Cooper had many things correct and others facts I believe he straight out made up to make his story flow a little better. The thing about Cooper was, I had concerns about his sources of information, and it seemed to me he was always finding it on a copy machine or on someone’s desk. If you consider the seriousness of the subject matter, these documents he claimed to find would have been guarded and considered the highest levels of security clearance.

I do consider Cooper a hero for his courage to push out the truth and make people think and do their research. I have zero doubt that 80% of what Cooper said was solid truth, and this is from my 45 years of personal research.

Sleep Tight and if you get a chance watch Cooper’s big speech on You Tube – the one in his all-white suit.


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  1. Aliens are fallen angels. The alien theory is to reinforce the agenda that there is no God just races of aliens. It all ties together to again hide the creator… The world being a spinning ball floating in infinity not hitting anything lol. When the fake space agency supposedly goes up there they take picture with no stars. Man they must think we are so stupid. Think bill possibly could of been a truther but I feel a lot of his info is inaccurate, and doesn’t fit into the bigger picture.

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