Black UFO-1950 By the storytellers- Sister Wolf

I remember one of the storytellers, Old Mike , talking about a experience he had on his way home. Mike and a friend had gone to Taos, New Mexico to visit some relatives. On their way home from San luis, Colorado to Sanford, ( its all dirt road) at that time. They had a flat tire. as they got down to fix it, they noticed a strange plane all black, but like a flat saucer moving real slow over Cerro De las Brujas. Witch Mountain. There was no sound, no windows. They never seen anything like it. They hurried up and fixed the flat tire. whatever it was Mike said: It was evil to him. Funny how religion plays a great role in the mind of the people. All Evil, or the devil, could it be there’s control over people’s minds so we don’t know the difference. Imagination and mystery’s of the unknown. Some Elders, I knew in the valley years ago, Claimed the unknown belongs to the sky people or God.

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