Blossom Goodchild and Prophecy– past and present– Is it all True Series #53

It is all the rage on the Internets (a “Bushism”). “The ship…the ship,” they cry out. Blossom, a lovely Australian woman, who channels the Federation of Light, says that she got a message from the Federation that the Cosmic Beings are coming in peace and love to show us they are out there. Now for most of you who will read this posting, this is old news; we have all known of the existence of aliens for many years. But I agree that a huge ship many miles wide across would get the attention of the non-believers.

Let’s talk about prophecy for a minute. Word is that there has been a major increase over the last 20 years in prophecies of all kinds, from dreams, visions, and other psychic vehicles. Most of this is very negative stuff, including but not limit to, terrorist attacks, huge storms, financial chaos and landing aliens. I have studied prophecies in the past, like Nostradamus. Like many prophets, if you study their prophecies, most were interpreted after the event. Man is great at either molding the truth or leaving dates open-ended, and everything will happen sometime, somewhere. I have reported on some amazing prophetic experiences (See my posting on the “Lady in Black” from December 7th 2007), which blew me away. I believe we are all prophets to some degree. We each have windows of opportunity in all our lives to see the future, but most of us don’t pay attention to our dreams and day visions.

Now back to the Federation of Light and their Super Ship. During Blossom’s channeling with them, they mentioned they are going to hang out over Alabama for three days. Why Alabama and not New Mexico where I presently live? When I was little I lived in Alabama, which has some of the nicest (and not so nice) people in the country. Maybe it’s the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, where the Germans build our space rockets. Maybe our military is building something strange and powerful there, possibly a weapon? Well I am hoping they will change their minds and come over to New Mexico, the Home of UFO’s.

Now are the Cosmic Beings coming because of the worldwide financial crisis and coming to save us from ourselves? And for you astrology fans, Mercury is in retrograde, serious retrograde. But on the 14th, the supposed landing day, Mercury will be moving to direct, starting a time for excellent communication with Aliens? Maybe, but remember it would be easier to communicate with whales than aliens, according to Whitley Strieber, and I agree with him.

Now let me say that if something very negative happens on Monday, October 13th, I would be looking towards the sky over Alabama, that next day October 14th.




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  1. The only being that will save you from yourself is Jesus Christ. He suffered a horrible death on the cross and was raised 3 days later so you wouldn’t have to die in your sin. God sent himself down here in the flesh as Jesus, Jesus forgo all his divine priviliges and was fully man when he had his ministry on the earth. Jesus loves you more than you know and all he wants more than anything else is for you to receive him as your Lord and Savior and to grow in his image.

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