Canada’s Roswell Event Revisited: Is it all True Series #129

On October 1967 something quite large crashed or landed and sank off of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. What is important here is that this crash event is the only one of its kind to be classified as a “UFO” by a world government body.

It was about 11:30 pm when lights and loud sounds were seen and heard in the waters off the harbor, the event ended with a bright flash and a huge bang. Then an object was spotted floating about 250 to 300 meters off shore with a yellow/orange flashing lights. Suddenly the object started to sink and yellow foam was observed over an area of half a mile long and 80ft wide. Note 25 to 30 reliable witnesses were involved observing the event at one stage or another. At an official level, the local RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) was the first on the scene. It was determined that there was no aircraft missing in the area. And quite quickly to everyone surprise the Canadian Navy was on site starting some kind of recovery effort.

One local fisherman reported that he saw a Navy diver retrieve some aluminum colored debris, but later that story was totally denied by the government. A more recent reinvestigation of this incident turned up two retired Navy drivers who stated the UFO never crashed but moved underwater for 25 miles to a location near an important military installation (a sub detection base). Also, from an anomalous Navy source furthering the underwater story, a second UFO or USO joined the original UFO and together flew into the heavens. One more Navy source confirmed about one year after the event that the object was definitely unidentified flying/ submerged object and “not of this world.”

The U.S. Condon Committee (on UFOs) also investigated the event, but had no explanation or comment. There are other interesting facts about the Shag Harbor area; such as it has always been an area of strange lights and sounds and many of the locals are very comfortable talking about this particular event and other sightings.
So with that said I will be going to Shag Harbor to do my own investigation probably next year.

So I don’t know if you should sleep tight knowing now that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police didn’t get their man (UFO).


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