Channeling on Light and Dark Information Tuesday, Sept. 19, 1995 by Sandy Penny, New Zealand – sandy Penny

I ask to be connected with the purest source of information regarding this Luciferian, integration of light and dark, possibility…

sp: Is there a source to help inform me in this matter?

Ans – Yes, It is I, Shilam Si-Ra, whom you are well acquainted with as a balanced energy of Sun and Moon, Light and Dark.

sp – Thank you for coming. What are we dealing with?

SSR – This is an expansion of the energy and information you were given at the angel conference last October. Some of the information, as it has been received has been slightly altered through the consciousness of the channel – filtered – so to speak. The beings, as they are described, are being fitted to the mental images that live in the subconscious mind of the channel – Nasreen. The story is essentialy correct, but the concepts of dark and light angels has been chosen to represent something that cannot be understood by the limited perceptions of the human mind. Only through the images of the angels, can any similarity be expressed. The true beings bear little resemblance to the descriptions.

sp – Can you clarify for me what we are being asked to accomplish or participate in? And elaborate on a more lucid vision – a clearer picture?

SSR – As always, Sandy, things can be explained in more direct terms, as you have required of us before … As you know, at a much earlier time in earth history, souls were more energy than matter. Matter was created and dissolved at will by the extensions of God’s thoughts – the souls issuing forth from the heart and mind of God – God’s thoughts. After a time – souls began spending more time in matter, and God gave them more authority to shift and change matter – to experiment – so God could observe the experiments. They were given free will to follow their own inclinations. They were also given the freedom to “be fruitful and multiply.” And so, the souls began to split themselves into pieces to be able to expand their experience and for the fun of it. They were at play. When a creation became boring, they returned to the Source, the oneness, until they felt like playing again – the Children of God.

As time passed, they liked their creations, and were less willing to dissolve them on returning to the Source, so they left a little bit of themselves in form to hold the form, in case they should want to repeat an experience. These little bits became the life force, the living beings (elementals), in the minerals, the plants, the animals, humans, etherians, and other beings not as familiar to you. That which holds matter together.

God, enjoying all that had been created, came up with an experiment, a game, so to speak. Some of the souls were asked to follow a set of rules, to extend themselves into matter in ever-increasing densities and complexities, to learn all the lessons to be learned from each level before returning to the source. And to experience all the creations of all the angelic energies. Thus began Karma and reincarnation.

Each of these particular souls began with the mineral experience, the simplest spirit-infused forms, then moved into the vegetable experience which incorporates the mineral into it, the into the animal experience which incorporates the mineral and vegetable and adds other elements of experience including love and other emotions, and then into human, which incorporates all that came before and adds mind and self-awareness. All souls do not follow this same pattern, because some opted for other ways, but all who chose to participate in this game began at the same place – in the mineral kingdom. It became a sort of race to see who could learn all the lessons and return home first. That meant that all souls had to learn all lessons of all levels before beginning their ascent – the return home.

Some of the souls, after long and arduous work, came up with an innovative idea. They could learn much faster if they divided up into separate pieces which would learn specific limited lessons. Thus, the light and dark, separation, negative, positive, male and female, and all opposites were created – the fall of man came about. The idea was that when all the divisions of the soul had learned all they could from the scenarios, they would come back together, reintegrate, be whole again and ascend to the oneness. Some of the souls disagreed, and took the view that progression would be faster if the soul remained intact and did not have to divided and return to oneness later – so the race began to see which way worked better.

To make a long story short, many of the “group” souls that divided out to learn various lessons are now coming back together for group ascension. Along the way, the “ascended masters” are the ones who reached the goal first and decided to help the others with a few tips from their journey – having found how difficult it was to complete the ascent.

So, great commitment to the Light, or God, within you, usually means that great darkness also awaits integration, and for some of you, your group soul is recollecting – re-member-ing itself for the ascent. No one knew how difficult the acceptance of the soul’s various parts would be when the game began. Only now, in the time when a batch of souls are about to complete the journey, are we being confronted with our greatest darkness which has learned all the dark lessons for us. No one guessed how much judgment and distance would result from this process, and that some souls would not want to take back the opposites when it came time to re-mem-ber. This is what you are being presented with – your own soul’s darkness – each of you facing whatever wholeness means – when you reclaim all of your pieces. Each of you who choose to accept this journey as your reality come face-to-face with darkness that equals all the light within you. It takes great courage to face that and honor the part of yourself that experienced the worst, most horrible, and darkest nights of the soul. Great fear may come up because the one you are in this limited existence cannot comprehend the magnitude of the experiences of the “others.” It is not unlike honoring soldiers who fought the battles which were imposed on them by those who would not fight themselves. Judgment day is here for many of you, and you are your own judges- your “life” review comes up, and it is not just one life, but all lives lived by all your pieces, coming to consciousness, for final review to see if all the lessons of this earth existence have been learned. If they have, you have but to complete etheric life which is the first level of ascension – mastery over matter – Coming and going at will without getting caught in the density of matter again is what it is about – game over.

Begin anew on another course of choice.

sp – So, as to what we’re being asked to do – be human anchors of the energy in various places on the planet, how does this apply?

SSR – The earth is a being – with a soul – a consciousness- on its own journey of enlightenment and return to the source. The solar system is a small group soul that is part of the universal group soul…the earth has been learning the lessons of receptivity, allowing, giving totally unselfishly, somewhat the lessons of the martyr. Those lessons are almost over, and the lesson plan is about to change to another set of lessons – Not unlike when your souls moved from the plant into the animal experience and into the human experience. The earth is moving into self-consciousness, awareness of self, awareness of all beings within and without, and awareness of a greater whole – the universal consciousness. Even as you have parts of yourself that have been off learning other lessons for you and are now asking for reintegration into your whole, there are energies of the planet asking for reintegration into the planet. Human beings, of certain vibrations, some of clarity of mind, some of intensity of emotion, some with ability to manifest, and other attributes which are included in the group named as possible candidates for anchors can be utilized to open gateways and “hold the door open” so to speak for these extra-planetary energies to be integrated.

This process is very like the experience you, and the others you have integrated use in breathing and holding energy steady for the person integrating vibrations that may be a bit unstable or difficult to handle prior to stabilization.

Some of you will gather at various locations as you get the information to do so – psychically, intuitively. Many of you will get the information at the same time, so confirmation will result. Each one receiving information will receive pieces of the ceremonies, sacred geometries and sounds to use for the integration. Blending together the information and creating the focused intention will hold the energy for the earth to integrate. Sometimes the energy will have to be held for days before it will be stable. It will be very important to discuss all the details with the group participating in a given location and be sure consensus is achieved. If there is any question or doubt, do NOT proceed until all is clear. Different dates, different groups around the world, different ceremonies will all be used.

UTMOST IMPORTANCE: You are cautioned NOT to try and ritualize any of the processes. They are one-time only for one location only, for one purpose only. To ritualize them is to create instability in locations not meant to be affected by a certain energy. Also, anyone not sure of their participation should withdraw immediately in favor of someone ready to willingly complete the process. Once begun, all parties should remain ready and willing to be called upon more than once if needed.

A commitment is required – but totally free-will – with enthusiasm.

This is a multi-dimensional project running right through all dimensions which have been created to date. Beings from many realities are engaged in this project, but discussion of the project with those not involved is discouraged, due to fears affecting the process and dissipation of power being built by the trust held by those who are committed. Fear has no place in this work, and can only slow or stop the progress. Examine all your feelings and see what you decide.

Some of the processes will evoke responses from the earth that may be frightening to humans or threatening to land masses, but all is being done to ensure the safety of the locations for all concerned. Earthquakes will not have the same effect they have in the past – no real damage to people or property. Volcanoes erupting will have different consequences than usual. Spontaneous fires are for clearing, not destruction. This work has real power and is not for the faint hearted. You are not playing. This is reality and co-creation, so accept full response-ability to follow through, or do not begin. There can be no turning back once the process is in motion. To try would be harmful to the earth. So, be aware of the level at which you are working NOW!

ANCHORS – Be sure you have a balance of people working in all levels of consciousness, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, multi-dimensional, healers, builders, creatives…etc. on your teams. All of them must be committed to the long-haul, without reservation.

And, for God’s sake, give up the war scenes and move into creativity instead of combat – cooperation, instead of confrontation. Old energy is no longer useful, old images dead weight. Release, cleanse, center and balance within yourselves. You will be required to complete certain aspects of your development to participate in this project, so on-going growth opportunities will be presented.

That’s all for this transmission as Sandy is getting tired now. More as needed. Responses and questions from all concerned welcomed. Discussion up front sets up good communication.

=O= Shilam Si-Ra

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