Chinese CO2 and the urgent need for UFO Disclosure -Is it all True Series #24

I heard something today that was very interesting but extremely disturbing. China’s level of CO2 output has surpassed America’s monster levels as of last year, which is a huge surprise to most in the scientific community who speculated that this wouldn’t happen for another 8 to 10 years. This new information could have an astonishingly negative impact on life on earth’s surface, as we know it. All that gloom and doom projections for 75 to 100 years could happen shortly. The devastating impact from global warming could be felt in your lifetime if you are under 40 years presently. Further studies will shed light on the exact impact of this new information, but I wouldn’t be buying any oceanfront property or islands under 25 feet in elevation. This is some serious stuff. And I am hoping it is not true.

Some 30 years ago I was doing some extensive interviewing of contactees and abductees and on 8 occasions from 8 separate/unrelated people I heard a similar story, “Man was destroying his home, his planet, his beautiful place” and there was about a 40-year window to fix the problem. This information was drawn from the abductee/contactee alien type encounters. There were other details about the effects; one constant one was a water level rise of 30 to 40 feet and ocean upheaval- (still don’t understand that one). But the dates are hauntingly coming true- the 40 years would be up in 2018. We could very well be in a massive struggle for our survival by that date.

So is it time to ask for help from the visitors who have been watching us for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years? Chances are they have been harvesting something from our planet and us. So I feel full disclosure of these visitors/ beings is needed to continue the process and start direct communication with them in hopes that they have some real solutions to our real serious problems and help us save our once beautiful and incredible planet.

Some say we can’t handle it – I say, it doesn’t matter now; time to ease into disclosure has past. Panic and fear are not options. Humans are quite flexible if there are no options. And there are no options. We need powerful technology to stem the tide of our extinction. And these strange beings may very well be our last hope.

So I say let’s reach out to them and acknowledge their presence, we have nothing to lose, but our extinction and that will probably be coming to a town near you, if we don’t act NOW.


Grey Haze over China

Grey Haze over China and our Earth.

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