Choices—– By Mary Muñoz © July 27, 2008

In my hand sat a document sealed from a person I only knew as a mystery. I didn’t know what to do. Should I open it? And against my better judgment I knew that only way to find the answers I had been looking for over the past three years would come from what I held. But that didn’t help the sensations that flowed within me saying, “You are doing something wrong.”
Now it is clear that my mom had been hiding me from this man for my entire life. She moved from her hometown in Oklahoma, to changing my name, all so that he wouldn’t be able to find me. She was protecting me, but from what?
There are times I wonder to myself if she would have just answered my questions when I was eleven if things would have been different. Then I have to look at the other side of the connection, which included the ET’s, and truthfully I don’t know. But what I did know was that sitting in my hand was a note; a letter from him that could answer a lot of my questions and give me some answers of who I am. And if he is so wrong why would he have faced jail to contact me?
Shaking and scared I carefully removed the seal. Inside were several pieces of paper all were hand written by him. I couldn’t believe it…I was holding something that was done in his hand. When we were on the highway that day in 1974, headed to the attorney, writing a foreign name to me I never would have realized that I one day I would be holding in my hands a note from him. From all I knew he was dead and that is all they wanted me to know.
And what did the note say; to this day I don’t remember everything that the document said, but if I really wanted to know, I could go back to him and see if he still has copy of it. One thing about my dad he is really good at keeping documentation. He has made a career out of it just look at his garage or storage.
What I do remember is that the letter basically addressed who he is, where he has been, his family now, and whether or not I would be willing to meet him or call him. From what I read about him, he sure in the hell didn’t sound like this evil man that I was told he was. But out of guilt I gave the letter over to my mom, which opened up a can of worms that I could not control or thought I could not control. It was just a continuation of something that had occurred back in the spring of 1978, which coincided with the two UFO events and my dad moving to within 32 miles of where I lived. But that would only be the beginning of many coincidences, which has taken me thirty plus years to realize how complex everything is and can be, but that will have to be another day.

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