Climate Change and Hybrids— Is it all True Series # 263

The Greys have been hanging around us for at least a few hundred years or more based on worldwide stories of encounters. Egyptian wall paintings have shown the Greys, so maybe 5000 years ago wouldn’t have been out of the question. They have for the last 60 years or more been involved in the abduction scenarios.

So why the abductions by these Grey ones, and I am talking about the larger 4 to 5 ft. Greys (with the small tiny eyes) who control the robotic Greys (i.e., 3 to 4 feet with the big almond shaped eyes, who do all the dirty work, in the abduction process). The large Greys have had an agenda to develop Hybrid beings– part human and part Grey. A being made in their own image (nearly) but with the durable characteristics of the human race.
Next part of this relationship is climate change. The world is heating up, record air temperature for the last 20 have been building, sea temperatures have increased, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, droughts covering 40 % of the USA and a strange storm called Sandy invades the most densely populated part of the US. Something very big and dangerous is happening. There are now several major studies showing a 4 to 8 degree rise in the average temperature by the end of the century. On the low end 4 degrees would be a major game changer – we could easily lose 50% of the earth population through famine and wars over water and food.

If the worse case happens an 8-degree rise, this could mean human extinction if man remains on the surface of the earth. I would guess that even if we stopped today 75% of all the CO2 going into the atmosphere and the remaining in 10 years, we may keep the scenario at the lower range of a 3 to 4 degree rise. The problem is humans don’t have the political will to fight the fossil fuel industrial complex. So the long-term future is not bright.

Back to the Hybrids – for they will inherit the earth. That I believe is the plan.

leep tight – and plan on enjoying your next 5 years – because beyond that…

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