Cloud UFOs & the travels of Antonio on UFO Clouds. by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

Grandfather use to talk about Cloud UFO’s when I was a child, I was about six years old in the first grade, in Southern Colorado, raised in the far, with my Grandparent’s.
My Apache Grandmother talked about the Star people, and the Birds they came in from the sky. Some colorful birds that landed on rock, water, mountains, some just sit still in the air, silent birds.Out of their body’s came the Star people. Grandfather was from Spain and was very religious ( Catholic). He believed in the supernatural, paranormal, and in space crafts. It was neat living with them because all was normal. So much existed around us. In San Luis Valley, Colorado is well known for the paranormal and UFOs. My friend Author Chris O Brain wrote about me in his third book. “Secrets of the Mysterious Valley”. I was going to school first grade, school was hard on me I didn’t know how to speak English, hardest language I ever had to learn. On my way home past the Skin Walker tree. I noticed a pure white cloud on my grandfathers farm, it just laid there on five acres of land. Never seen a cloud on the ground, and the color white was different then any white I ever seen. As I got closer to home, it was still there. Suddenly like a door opened and a small girl my age walked out and started to walk toward me, she was beautiful! gold blonde hair and blue eyes and dressed in a yellow dress. I called her Nancy we were friends until I was eight. she taught me art and English and showed me places I never been too. for those reading this- she was not a imaginary friend. She was real as me and you. but she came in a Cloud ship. I have wrote a lot about her in my writings. She was a Star Child. Grandfather seemed to know a lot about Cloud UFO’s. Till the day he died. He claimed he traveled in them. it was 1961 winter was very cold and we had a lot of snow. Grandfather had a heart Attack and died a week later. But the day of his heart attack he laid on the sofa. He asked me for a glass of water. ( I was 17) grandfather was in his 80’s.
So I went into the kitchen to get him a glass of water. When I came back he had his hand reaching for something, he was calling out to his two friends that had died a year before. Grandpa I said: wait for me? I’m coming! I asked grandfather who are you talking too? He replied my friends, they just came to visit me, look outside he told me see how they came? I looked outside and to the South same five acres I had seen Nancy come in a Cloud UFO, there it was once again. The UFO cloud shape like a egg, all pure white, it just laid there. Except this time it laid on the snow- but a different color of white then the snow. It was amazing beautiful. It just sit there for one day, once we moved Grandfather to Alamosa, Colorado hospital it vanished.
Grandfather told me I will come back and visit you and show you there are other worlds beside our own. A promise he kept. The Travels of Antonio On Cloud UFOs, until second part ” The Return Of Antonio in a Cloud UFO” Three weeks later. Enjoy They are real.

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  1. While I’ve read and heard this story before, it’s always a wonderful experience to hear it again, and I think I learn something a little bit more each time. Thanks for sharing your intriguing life stories!

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