Surprised to see that we are reaching the homelands of France or Italy! Since I am not familiar with this written language I must say “thank you” for your confirmation and response to my last article! I do have an inkling this “Comment” was received from Italy as one of the main speakers who spoke during the “UFOlympics” comes from Italy, and that speaker is Paola Harris, but none the less thank you for keeping up with the information on “Truth Seeker Forum”. This just shows that “Truth Seeker Forum” is growing and reaching people not just from the United States! The pictures on the “Comment” section are just GREAT!! Whoever the photographer is please stand up and take a bow, “thank you”!

You will find many pictures and documentations on the internet about extraterrestrials space ships that have been sited and photographed. An excellent source to view sightings and view pictures of alien ships go to George Filers These extraterrestrial ships come in many sizes, shapes and colors. I’ve seen only the silver or white colored ships along with the black colored ships. The majority of these ships at night do appear to be black in color.

I’ve been mostly on board the round ships, small or medium sized ships and a particular large mother ship.

One night when a “Darth Vader” looking entity came to “pick me up”, (I talk about this experience in my book “Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee”). This “Darth Vader” entity who I also thought to have a breathing problem as he appeared to be breathing through some type of device that was attached to his head gear. I was walked through my bedroom wall to the balcony where stood a small rounded, two seat ship. It appeared black in color; the construction of the ship appeared to be a smooth black metal. I was directed to step though an open door way, not noticing an attached door above or to the side of this vehicle. The back seat was located directly right behind the lower front seat but was raised up approximately one foot higher than the front seat. The front portion of this ship from high above the front seat was a large viewing glass which stopped and became this metal. This rounded viewing glass surrounded both sides of this small ship. This small ship did not have propellers, nor wings of sorts. It appeared to be a smooth black metal. There was a light source though coming from somewhere that illuminated a small area on the balcony. I was told to sit in the front seat and this “Darth Vader” person/entity climbed in and sat directly behind me. Some type of strapping belts of sorts was put around my body for restraint. A small panel of buttons that flashed red and greenish lights was located directly in front of me.

I remember the seats were made of some type of soft cushioned material, with a high back to the seats. The front of this oddly rounded shaped ship was pointing North, as we were sitting in a North direction. I was asked to push a large round button on the panel and from within the top of this vehicle came down doors that locked and sealed us in. Instantly you could hear and feel air being drawn into the inside of this vehicle. I also had a device put over my mouth and nose. I pushed at this device as it was being put onto me because for a while it covered my eyes. I was then asked to push another two to three buttons on this control panel and suddenly, smoothly, very quietly this vehicle rose slowly off of the balcony allowing me to see down below and all around. Rising high and far above the Sandia Mountains and looking at the vastness of the lighted landscape of Albuquerque. This vehicle rose until I could not see the landscape of Albuquerque or any other distinguished lights below. This process which seemed to have taken minutes was just seconds as it quickly rose to I don’t know where or how high we were, but feeling a gloved hand under my chin as it raised my head to look upward at the most beautiful night time of millions, and billions of stars. Feeling the normal touch on the side of my temple area I blacked out to awaken on an extraterrestrial mother ship. Destination: UNKNOWN…….

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