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I have been a paranormal researcher for 46 years, and when it comes to concerns about my safety in the woods while searching for Bigfoot, I never had any concerns. Bigfoot to me has always been a benign being and at the very least would keep its distance from us humans. Although there had been stories of Bigfoot helping lost hikers and even protecting humans from bear attacks.
But now in this book from David Paulides I may have to rethink my feeling about a few of the Bigfoot. It seems like David has found a pattern that brings Bigfoot into suspicion of possible murder of innocent humans. His research shows clusters of missing people in the Western US and the eastern bordering the Appalachians Mts. He didn’t study the states of Florida and Texas. For these two states would require two more books to cover the missing in those states. David provides a map of the missing and shows major clustering and its curious to note that the states in the dead center of the USA, North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas had zero missing.
So what are the unique factors in these missing people’s cases? 1. Majority of the missing are in clusters in or near National Forest Lands, parks etc. such as Yosemite, Great Smoky MT, Glacier National park and Crater National Park. 2. All disappearances were in a rural setting, not in an urban area. 3. Dogs with owners were involved in many of the disappearances.3. Bloodhounds and other tracking dogs lost the scent and some refused to track in the area. 4. Soon after the disappearances happened major storms developed over the areas, note Bigfoot are noted for their ability to weather control Micro-areas. 5. Afternoon between 2:00pm and 5:00pm the event normally happened. 6. The disappearances happened many times near swampy or dense underbrush areas. 7. Clothing was missing on many of the victims and sometimes completely naked, like Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky). 8. Berry Picking – (favorite Bigfoot food), humans walking through the area or actually picking the berries. 9. Missing persons found in a previously searched area.
So is it a rogue group of Bigfoot? Are they upset with humans for their direct destruction of the planet? I think the theory that David puts forward may sadly be true. My dear friend and Bigfoot researcher agrees the fingerprints point to Mr./Mrs. Bigfoot. But please remember there are many Bigfoot encounters each day and nothing bad happens. There are bad apples in every group.
Sleep Tight, There is no chance in your lifetime you will come across a Bad Bigfoot, but meeting a good one is very possible if you have an open mind.

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  1. I’m not sure what book this reviewer was reading but it obviously wasn’t written by me, or, the reviewer really didn’t read the book. There is nowhere, repeat, nowhere in “Missing 411” that I indicate my beliefs that bigfoot, sasquatch or anything else is the culprit in the disappearances. This reviewer may draw their own conclusions about what may be happening, I invite that. I go to great lengths to state facts, point to obvious parallels in many disappearances but I DO NOT draw conclusions as to cause. I invite people to go to Amazon and read the reviews posted on the two books and read what people have stated, they enjoy the fact that I do not name a suspect in the disappearances!!

  2. To mr. Paulides. I have recently heard your interview via YouTube. I am going to get a copy of your first book this weekend. I am an outdoorsman, and after hearing your interview must conclude as you do that something very odd is happening in our forests. I know that your research to date is concentrated on the federal parks system, but was wondering if you’ve ever encountered any of this type of activity in state parks systems? I know for a fact that in my neck of the woods we have missing in the state parks. Gone with no trace. The only apex predator here is so very rare that it would seem impossible for that to be the cause. (the very rare cougar) I wish to thank you for all of your hard work in bringing this phenomenon to public light. I have seen strange things in the woods. I never go out there without a firearm. For those reading this, when out in our forests, stay alert, stay prepared, stay in view. Not only because of these incidences of missing persons, but as basic safety. Enjoy the woods, but take the proper precautions and stay safe. I have my own conclusions as to the cause of these incidents, but draw your own conclusions. Once again, thank you for bringing this to light!

  3. Thank you Mr Paulides for all your work. It is truely scary stuff. Thank you for bringing to light the precautions one should take when in the national parks. I really had no idea. I listened 2 both C2C interviews. Great intrrviews- and hearing u talk about these disappearances really made mewant 2 learn more.if there id a great muster a foot- this is it

  4. Sorry typing on a tablet is not 4 me- if there is a great mystery a foot- this is surely it. These books are a must. Read !!

  5. There seems to be an effort to close our national parks due to lack of funding, I am wondering if these closures are in the cluster areas?

  6. After reading Missing 411 (western) it seems to me that some of the cases are murders and some are animal attacks.
    Why people think that mountain lions, bears and wolves/feral dogs couldn’t be involved is beyond me.
    Also, children have incredible energy, why searchers think they couldn’t have walked far is just silly.

  7. Travis Walton was not found naked (real story). The nakedness was a Hollywood thing. He mentions that in many interviews. I read his book when it first came out in 1975. I doubt his tale had anything to do with Bigfoot.

  8. Wow Daran you obviously didn’t read the book then. Animals would have shredded their clothes not to mention their flesh or skin at least. None of the recovered victims had that. Animals leaving clothes perfectly neatly folded up? Animals having the ability to wipe the victims memories? Really Daran dud you read the book?

  9. Its sad that in 2014, I am just now hearing of this. I reside in California and have frequented Tahoe for years. I seen eerie things there while camping, yet I am appalled that no information has been published about this. Everyone should be aware!!!
    The coming new age of opening ones’ consciousness has opened the doors to many things in this world that cannot be explained. God please help us all.

  10. I did some research on some of the commonalities such as granite. Interestingly I found that granite naturally contains radiation and that there is even some concern that granite countertops and other building materials could be carcinogenic. I’m not certain how to apply this information to the missing people, but I found it curious that granite boulder fields are often present in or around these disappearances.

  11. The granite batholiths would indicate nearby mineralization, possibly precious metals. Our suspect may be a miner,but not human. Likely not of this Earth.

  12. I already related a memory of hiking alone where 4 of the criteria were there. Near swampy area,and pond. Berry bushes (both Blueberry and Raspberry plants) Lots of Boulders, pretty remote and overcast, storm soon to come, day. I was on a rarely used trail going up to the summit of Fordway Mountain. Lots of animal noise, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, even though I was passing through. THEN, nothing, silence. Deathly silence. So silent, I immediately noticed it. I am never afraid in the wilderness. But, MY hair was standing up on end and I felt, the only way I can describe it is, I was watched. I scanned all around. I started to shake and knew I should turn around and leave. I was only a few hundred yards to the summit and I never made it. I turned around and quickly walked away. I felt if I broke into a run it would be my last. I felt this way for about 30 minutes of my 40 minute walk back out. I got in my car, locked the doors and looked around. THen, it started to rain hard. I left, feeling lucky. I never read the books till my sister in law gave me one. NOw three later…..I know that feeling. It also brough up another memory. With a dog, by a Pond, going through Raspberry plants, climbing up a hill to another rocky summit. Dog afraid of nothing. Saw him go after a Bear. once. TUcked his tailed, whined, shot past me like greased lightning. I followed him fast. Went back next day with friends figuring a hornets nest or bees. None. Bend down area in center of Raspberries but no tracks. Dog wouldn’t go.

    1. Could it have been the impending downpour that caused the animals to go quiet? They scurried away to their respective habitats to get away from the rain? I mean,

  13. interesting thought about granite radiation and cancer. i also think we need to consider all of the secret DUMB in our shadow and covert intelligence agencies. in some ufo cases, the abductee notices military around. delta with dulce in NM.there are cases of murder where the bodies have never been identified also. it would seem it would be easy and very low cost for our state and national parks to keep track of these cases individually and/or collectively since david paulides has begun this difficult task.

  14. What some people forget when they go through a book like this as that these cases are in here because they defy natural logic. These are the cases that are anomalies, that cannot be directly correlated with animals and the natural environment. I’ve read other literature not related to this subject matter, dealing specifically with the statistical likelihood of how children through adults of all ages will react; and these missing persons and/or deaths defy logic and natural human reaction.

    That being said; I have spent plenty of time in some of the more remote areas of the Rocky Mountains, and I have no doubt that a person can disappear in the mountains for any number of reasons and never be seen again. There are places where entire trucks could drive off a trail and not be found for years. I think the majority of these cases have a logical conclusion; but what if only one in ten points towards another intervening force?

  15. Interesting criteria regarding boulder fields — it is now June 2015, and very recently a missing hiker had been found dead in B.C. under mysterious circumstances (Chiliwack Lake Provincial Park). He was with a group of friends, and went up the trail ahead of them to wait for them at a designated area. It was a simple route and area, so very unlikely that someone could get lost. Nobody was sure why he would just up and leave like that, if that’s even what he did. Anyway, it took the entire search party a long time to find his body (usually it only takes 1 or 2 days for this area), and even baffled the authorities. Dogs couldn’t reliably pick up a scent. The man’s body was eventually found in the middle of a boulder field, which the search party thought was strange, because firstly he had no reason to go there, and second, this field was on an elevated terrain. I’m not claiming this was necessarily another “sasquatch attack”, but the details seem to fit in with the rest of the Missing 411 cases, don’t you think?

  16. I have listened to David Paulides Youtube interviews. Very interesting indeed. Paulides has not committed to what may be the cause of these disappearances and rightfully so. Although there may be some direction towards the Sasquatch as a leading culprit as Paulides has written extensively on this subject. In my view something is very sinister happening in our forests and the government agencies seem to be tight lipped about it. While a number of cases I could see rogue Sasquatches committing the crimes, other cases seem to suggest an alien abduction phenomenon. Of course it may be something quite different than these 2 suggestions. Quite an interesting situation and rather troubling I feel. Again while I think David Paulides may be close to an opinionated answer he is not committing to it probably in part that he is sticking solidly to scientific as well as detective logic in assessing the evidence and conclusions.

  17. It appears to be some type of paranormal phenomenon that is occurring. I am reading the latest one about disappearances and mostly deaths in more urbanized areas. Usually a male who has been drinking in his late teens or early twenties. Winds up “accidentally drowned” somewhere nearby where they were but for some reason did not make it back to some nearby destination such as a dorm room, apartment or a hotel.
    It is too bizarre and it does give one the creeps to know about all this. I am a person that believes in data and hard facts, Paulides is just given us hard facts and data, but there doesn’t seem to be a logical causation to what happened in most of these cases. They weren’t mugged for their money as their valuables usually turn up with the body or somewhere nearby the body. This can drive on to insanity and sleepless nights. I have a 22 year old disabled son and now I am wary about taking him out for a hike or anywhere for that matter. Now I am not sure if I really wanted to be made aware of this mystery, but I guess foreknowledge is a good idea in any case, be vigilant my friends.

  18. Excellent books and fascinating subject. The comments regarding geology are interesting. The relationship between geology and magnetic anomalies might be worth further investigation.

  19. I agree with Rose…I’m sort of regretting my foray into this subject. I honestly can’t accept that even rogue Sasquatch, or the violent big folk referred to as Genoskwa, would be capable of spiriting all these people away without being observed at least once. There seems to be a reason to believe that supernatural elements are involved and by that, I guess I’m referring to what the ancients called the elemental beings. There would almost have to be some type of invisibility or cloaking taking place for the perpetrators to go unobserved unfailingly. And why would some return and others not?
    One thing about these cases that bother me very badly is that it appears that very small children, 20 mths old in some cases, were left entirely unattended either outdoors or in a home! Dave does not point out this very, eerily consistent aspect. Who could even think about letting a five year old child, not to mention a baby of three years or less, play unattended outside? Never mind getting abducted…literally anything could happen to a child that age as they’ve not developed the experience of the world needed to understand even the danger of climbing certain things. Add to that that most of these people live very near bodies of water or swamps. Yet case after case details how the child was left alone ‘playing’ in the yard for some unknown time before the mother or father realized their child had disappeared. Am I crazy or has anyone else noticed this?

  20. To anyone reading this.
    I guess the most disturbing thing about all this, is the fact that someone must know something and yet no one is told or warned. Just like so many of you I stumbled upon this phenomena very much by accident a couple of years ago and having spent many a times in the forests I was blown away by the systematic danger facing pretty much anyone, at any time. the Government must know something as so many cases are accompanied by FBI agents snooping around and not making their presence known, even though missing cases are not immediately treated as ‘criminal cases’.

  21. I’m pretty sure there are no Sasquatch in my neck of the woods (giggle) and I certainly don’t believe in UFOs and little green men. Having grown up in a rural area, I spent most of my boyhood playing in the woods with my pals, or alone, and was never given any cause for alarm. I’ve tramped through forests many times as an adult and have never carried a fire arm, unless it’s hunting season. I haven’t read Paulides’ books since they cost more for shipping to Canada than the book sells for but I have read a few of the stories elsewhere. However, as cynical as I am about bogeymen and flying saucers I do recall a disappearance in my area in 2012 which parallels some of these stories. Check this out:

  22. Several years ago myself and two others were crossing a boulder field which contained many blue berry bushes. One of us dropped his flashlight between two large boulders. So we lowered him down to retrieve his flashlight as he did so he replied back to us there was a large room under the boulders to accommodate the three of us. It appeared something was living there at one time? I relayed this information back to Dan Paulides who I have communicated in the past with. So much for boulder fields.

  23. David Paulides is a fraud. Many of these cases are not real or the missing people have located safe and sound. He has created artificial scarcity for his books by making them extremely difficult to acquire (changing prices on the website upon checkout, absurdly high shipping fees, not allowing people to order more than 1 book at a time), forcing people to purchase from “resellers” on Amazon. He used Amazon to publish the books in the first place but for some reason can’t offer them for sale there himself? How are these “resellers” are able to obtain these books and charge outrageous prices when it is virtually impossible to buy from his own website… Something is suspicious here and I don’t think it’s paranormal at all.

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