CONSCIOUSLY CREATE UNITY July 17 & 18 Newsletter from Generessa Rose

Dear Friends,

If you have attended one of my presentations or watched my DVD
*Getting Personal with the Matrix of Everything,* you would have
learned that my shamanic journeys into the quantum realm prove that
the Matrix of Everything is conscious and is continually being
impregnated with your intentions, expectations & assumptions.

In my experience, this Matrix is an enthusiastic partner in
manifesting your intentions – – Creation LOVES to serve you! During
my shamanic journeys, it was also clear why and how the unified
consciousness and intention of multiple people is so powerful. The
more people who collaborate, coordinate and send the SAME INTENTION
into the Matrix of Everything, the greater is the impact upon the
Matrix and the greater is the power to set things into motion and
create what is intended.

July 17 & 18 offer us an event to use the power of our collective
consciousness: the Conscious Convergence, sponsored by the Global
Consciousness Project. It has been organized with the intention of
creating unity and global peace.

The Mission Statement from Conscious Convergence states: The Conscious
Convergence mission is to bring people together with the shared
intention of cultivating a critical mass of harmonious energy that
supports inner and outer reconciliation. We come together in the
spirit of unity to heal wounds that separate us, to reconcile
conflicts that divide us, to inspire ideas and actions that express
our oneness, and to join together in heart and mind to welcome the
birth of our new world.

The Shared Intention Agreement states: I, as a sovereign being, join
together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and
unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of
harmony and reconciliation, and I am grateful for the wholeness I
bring forth in this and every moment. And so it is.

For both your personal world and the global world, you have an
opportunity to support the transcendence of old destructive paradigms
and to BOOST THE POWER and effectiveness of our shared intentions.

What to do? This weekend, join together, in groups or remotely, and
ride a wave of intention, consciousness & energy to personally and
globally create UNITY, HARMONY and PEACE. ENVISION and celebrate the
life and world you want!

Is it worth taking some time to do this on your weekend?

Be peace. Be harmony. Be grateful. Be joy. Be the love you are.

In unity and with gratitude,

Generessa Rose

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