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Cosmic consciousness is a step toward living with the full freedom and
delight of unobstructed awareness.

Expansion of my consciousness has been a foundational goal for my soul
— to integrate the love, delight and fulfillment of each bit of
higher consciousness into my daily experience of life on Earth and
then to help others have that experience. Every person who raises
their consciousness not only helps their personal evolution but also
helps raise the consciousness of the worldwide web of consciousness.
Every bit helps.

For the last year I have not sent you any newsletters because so many
transformations were afoot. I was peddling fast to keep up with my
own life and helping many others who were experiencing serious illness
or the dying of the body. In the future I may write an ebook about
the subject from the vantage point of having had multiple near-death
experiences of my own plus many experiences helping others with their
dying process. Death/dying is another arena in which we can evolve
our consciousness.

2012 was indeed a year that put big CONTRASTS front and center, giving
people the opportunity to see what is not desirable in life so that
healing, clearing and new choices could be created: transformation.
2013 is the year to more powerfully follow through with ACTIONS that
support a deeper foundation from which to birth an experience of life
that delivers greater love, freedom, fulfillment, well being and
delight, along with more steps toward the soul-satisfying oneness of
cosmic consciousness.

Have any of your priorities shifted from a year ago? What do you want
to create now? What better serves your heart and soul and physical
life now? What seems to be in your way? What are you willing to put
your consciousness and empowerment toward creating? Stop and feel
into those questions. In my book, Spirit points out the menu of
possibilities and encourages us to CHOOSE WELL. I echo that. When we
have released limitations to our consciousness, we feel and have the
clarity, freedom and support to choose well. The more we release
emotional/mental limitations, the more we allow ourselves to have what
serves our incarnation better; we allow life to love us.

Even though I am a lifelong contactee graced with the reality of
having my consciousness mentored by inter-dimensional and
non-terrestrial beings, my rational, left-brain mind still appreciates
having confirmation of the reality we call extraterrestrials/UFOs. To
support and expand cosmic consciousness, I like to support the efforts
of the organizations with integrity who are working toward disclosure
of ET reality. To that end, I give you the following information with
the hope that you will pass it on to others. Monday, April 29, at the
National Press Club in Washington DC begins a terrific 5-day event
called Citizen Hearing for Disclosure, sponsored by the Paradigm
Research Group. You can sign up for the live webcast worldwide and/or
have access to the archive which is available until June 4 (only $3.80
each option!). Giving testimony about evidence for an ET presence and
the government-imposed embargo of the truth are 40 researchers,
including astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, various military, agency, and
political witnesses. The ET issue has far-reaching individual and
global impacts upon consciousness and upon the practicalities of
living. I hope you will support and enjoy the event:

I have a huge smile (inner and outer) as I end this chat with you; it
has been awhile. Choose well and follow through with your 2013
actions. Create and play in the sandbox of life that serves you best!

With love, blessings and delight,

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