Cosmic Gypsies from Dreamland–Is it all true series # 198

A friend of mind recently related a quite profound dream. It was a vivid dream with amazing colors and a feeling of absolute realism. She was in a work environment at a non-profit organization and a beautiful handsome male with dark skin came in the door. He looked like an old Egyptian with dark makeup and gold jewelry. He had an interesting accent and was refined, polite, articulate and exotic. He told my friend he was looking for her permission to come to our planet to help us with our problems.

They wanted to show us a new better technology to handle our energy needs. They wanted to save this beautiful universe, and they traveled the universe looking for permission to come and help civilizations to preserve their world from self-destruction. They were like cosmic gypsies.

My friend got the impression they had been here in the past and had built structures for the purpose of helping Mankind, maybe like the pyramids, etc. They built energy centers throughout the Universe. He put no pressure on her to grant permission for them to enter. Of course she was quite confused- why were they asking her and not maybe the United Nations or the President of the United States. Of course my friend may have been more than just an ordinary person. I must tell you my friend has had other vivid dreams of these types and much of the dream’s content trends towards a true waking reality. A vivid dream is like taking a picture of a future possibility, but in some people you can count on an 80% plus outcome.

And speculation would say this could be our 2012 surprise and not the doom and gloom stuff many are pushing. Well, it goes without saying, we could all use some good news.

Sleep tight. Pay attention and bring your dreams into this reality.


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