Crystalline Grid, Benevolent Beings and the World of Diane Camillo -Is it all True Series #161

Two weeks ago the November Meeting of the New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum had the pleasure of hearing Diane Camillo speak about her multi-dimensional experiences with Galactic beings, Angels and Saints.

Diane has diverse credentials, include an ordained minister, Reiki Master, Feng Shui specialist including medical Feng Shui and other areas of expertise. She is formally educated in architecture with 30 years as a general contractor.

Her home is her sanctuary, located in an area of portal /vortexes where apparitions have appeared over the years. There is a section in the back yard where a group of Tall Ones beings move back and forward, and one of her children finally admitted they had been seeing these beings in the back yard for years. Diane now calls this area Alien Alley. Her home Chapel is called The Mystic Chapel where powerful energies and angels appear on a regular basis.

Diane has contact with a being she calls Grandfather, a Native American type who guides her through various ceremonies for her to receive Cosmic Wisdom. Some of the most powerful and prevailing themes of the ceremonies are “have no fear” and the world is “All One Tribe” and we must live that life path if the world is to survive the coming challenges. And finally there is a Crystalline Grid that is growing in strength around the world for light workers to use in the creation of a new and better earth.

Diane also told a wonderful story about a friend who was with her at her house talking about one of her friends that had recently passed. So in honor of the friend who had passed on, Diane’s friend sang a beautiful song. As she was singing, a butterfly appeared, flew across the room and landed and played on both women’s hands for quite a while. Diane showed us pictures of this amazing white butterfly. She also told us that the name of the woman who had passed means “Butterfly.” The woman who sang the song was in the audience and confirmed the whole event.
Diane showed many pictures of apparitions in her sacred home. I will admit some were clear and profound, while others took a little imagination. But I truly believe vortex/portals are very real, as I too have had the great pleasure of being witness to our multi-dimensional world.

Sleep Tight – to rest and rejoice in the marvels – of the adventures of your next day.


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