Darla – Is it all true- the series- Part 10

About 20 years ago I worked in Georgia with a woman named Darla; she was an excellent worker. She was skeptical of the world of UFO and aliens, which I feel is a good approach in this strange world. I always say, learn, research, and draw from many resources. As they say the Truth is out there. This way you can see for yourself if there are UFO/ET’s or not.

Darla had a friend named Bonnie and to earn a little extra money, they delivered the local newspaper on a rural route. Their route wound through out a heavily wooded area about 30 miles south of Atlanta. Typically they would start delivery of the Sunday newspaper about 3:30 am Sunday morning. One faithful Sunday morning, everything was going normal until they came over a hill, which overlooked a beautiful subdivision, and there was an amazing sight, a huge disk-shaped object was hovering over a group of homes. They were about 300 feet from the disk, within the abduction zone. They both thought their hearts had stopped. The disk had a large beam of light, which shot down into the middle of the houses. There seemed to be things floating up through the beam into the bottom of the disk. People, animals, or what, but they were sure it was something. They watched this event for about 15 minutes and suddenly the disk blinked out. I received a late morning call from a quite delirious Darla; she was completely beside herself, she could hardly speak and wasn’t herself for several weeks after.

I have been fortunate to have contact with some very reliable witnesses to some amazing events in the paranormal world. Of course keep an eye in the sky; something cool may be waiting for your gaze.


Here they come, in the night.

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