David Icke Show –Part II- Is it all True Series# 107

Here is a guy that puts his heart and soul into his speaking events. Besides some of the stuff he discusses, which would turn most of the world’s heads completely around (twice even), there is this profound deep side to this man.

David Icke speaks of stillness and total silence, like a person who has seen and been in the void. This is where we find ourselves and come to control our fears. Here we can move our reference point and come to grips with the very mild event called death and give it the minor position in the universe that it deserves. As I always said, fear of death makes man very small, and the lack of fear makes him large and god-like.

Next, he spoke of intuition. First, he said, always follow your heart and work through the process of having your head and heart speak the same language. If your have no fear you switch on your third eye, through your pituitary gland. But beware, Icke says fluoride will calcify your pituitary gland and stop you intuition cold. Mankind probably used this evil mind sedative first in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Now it is used to dumb down our public; so much for strong healthy teeth.

The cells in our heart carry memory like a hologram and if transplanted into another person will carry thought and even ability skills to the heart’s recipient. The heart is truly more the just a muscle. It may turn out to be as complex as our brain in several ways.

Next, David spoke of working the right brain and working it hard, to balance out the controlling left-brain. The left side brain is the part that can be controlled by outside stimulus, with minimum effort. Do art , paint or draw, build something, or play music, it will keep you sane and stable and keep your potential handler at bay.

Now back to the Icke’s wild side, he speaks of the serpent race, Illuminati, and reptilians as this evil force that we deal with on a daily basis, but most of us do not know that they are our handlers. This group of beings wants to create maximum fears in us and the world at large to satisfy their needs. He continues to say the Reptilian bloodline leads to the House of Rothschild and its infamous reptilian/ Human hybrids. He goes on to say these traits are in 4% to 5% of the humans walking on earth today.

With that said, sleep tight and always remember that 1 in 20 people you may pass today will probably look a little scaly.


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