Death by Ice and Fire—the Making of Another Mars – Is it all True series #308

Climate ChangeBesides my lifetime adventures in the world of UFO/ Paranormal, I have always been interested in meteorology and climatology, and I know, without a doubt, global warming is happening, big time. I cannot tell you how much is a natural factor and how much is manmade, but that is not important. What is important is that it is happening and happening in a freaking big way. And there is no stopping it. The media plays all this down, because panic among nearly 7 billion people in the short-term would be worse than what is coming in the next 10 years.

As I continue my personal research on the subject, primarily reading academic studies and talking to researchers around the world, we are enjoying our last good or reasonably good years on Earth. The next 5 years will be up and down, hot summers and mild winters, and this more normal January for the US is just the product of rapid summer melting of the tundra in the upper northern hemisphere creating large area of cold air in late fall. Once everything is melted the fire and heat will build through the middle latitudes.

Of course during all this methane gas is flowing into the atmosphere at a record pace, adding greenhouse gas to the fire. I believe Mars and the civilizations on Mars about 260,000 years ago faced the same problem, a rapidly heating atmosphere. Their solution was to move to Earth or go underground, and I believe they did both. There is probably a small subterranean civilization on Mars presently, but many move back and forth to Earth and they are extremely upset with mainstream Earthlings and their passive – suicidal behavior. So chances are high there is a covert Martian movement to save Earth, because they know it’s the last habitable planet in our solar system.

Sleep Tight, but be aware our world is rapidly changing, and if humans haven’t the will to change, Mars 2 is around the corner.


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