What a morbid subject but since loosing my dear friend Bill this last week has thrown me into a mind spin that brought memories back of some of my alien/MILAB clients and important investigators, doctors, scientists who have lost their lives either as accidents or diseases. Many of these “accidents” and “diseases” as a cause of death are questionable if in fact some source other than extraterrestrials played an important part to rid these people since perhaps they were getting to close to the “knowing” the real facts and government issues in this phenomenon?

Many in my audience remember Dr. John Mack. He was a very well known investigator and Doctor of Psychiatry who worked along with Mr. Budd Hopkins within this phenomenon. Run over by a drunken driver after attending a meeting and having dinner with friends one evening in London? I personally knew Dr. John Mack because of belonging to PEER Group. Dr. Mack was founder of Program for Extraordinary Experience Research. An organization I could turn to for help with unusual circumstances with my alien/MILAB clients. Amongst other departments within this group held many psychiatrists to help with answers, more investigational studies that might have affected my clients.

Dr. Karla Turner, another distinctive unique individual who gave her studies and constant work to this phenomenon died of cancer. I was unfortunate to meet and know Dr. Karla Turner, but through the many investigators I work with they have introduced me to her and her past works in this particular field.

There have been many top researchers in this phenomenon that have quizzically lost their lives but now let me take you deeper into this research of death.

An alien abductee client through the guidance of hypnotherapy visually experienced being laid on a large round pie shaped metal unit by the taller Greys. She noticed before being laid down and strapped into this large round metal unit there were approximately six other human beings lying in each separate compartment that had about a foot tall wall in-between them. This unit was spun at an extraordinary fast speed to where they all lost immediate consciousness. When she awoke she literally thought she had died and realized the unit had stopped spinning. Her head felt as if it exploded as well as her heart and other organs. She felt she had no blood veins left within her body. Blood was coming out from all of her orifices. She was the only one who was removed from the unit, and was told the other humans did not survive this medical test.

Many of my clients have seen dead humans on board an extraterrestrial ship. Normally these humans did not survive the given tests either by injection of some type of unusual substances. It was reported that some human abductees were in cages and who died there. I have heard of these incidents many times, but it may have to do with the Reptilian group of species. It has been reported that many abductees describe seeing humans dying while being cooked in large cooking vats.

In my case, I had a very young small hybrid daughter. I was not given her name but had seen her at short periods of time since I gave birth to her. Evidently the genetic makeup did not develop correctly in her therefore I was told she was “defective”. I was taken to this room that held a large circular tank that had some type of fluid in it. One side of the tank had a slide like unit as to slide its victim down the slide into the solution. I was made to stand next to this tank with other Greys circling this unit. Thinking the inevitable that I was going to be put into this tank I then saw the Greys who brought out my little hybrid daughter. Hearing her small screams and seeing her terrified fearful face they placed her on this slide. I constantly screamed at them to leave her alone and give her to me “don’t do this”!! I had to close my eyes as she descended into the liquid. Whatever this liquid was, it killed her immediately as I saw them remove what was left of her body.

My life had been threatened because of “talking”. Threatened by people who are involved in the government aspect of this phenomenon. I blame these certain people for the death of my husband. Yes, they have maimed me, but the worst they did to get me to “shut up” for awhile was to kill my husband with a rare cancerous aggressive fast growing brain tumor. Three other families who are MILABs lost their spouses in the same manner, one week before and one week after my husband passed. What does this tell you?? Natural coincidence you think?? Well, so much said for this morbid subject, lets get on with life and more information on this phenomenon.

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