Definitely not from Kenya but maybe from…IDR?-Is it all True Series # 257

Well another crazy political cycle is finally over. Obama has made it happen again. He should have probably lost as a tough economy normally ends a possible second presidential term. But the man, who I believe will be judged as the greatest politician in American history, pulled it out. His 332 electoral votes and his 50% plus popular vote make this victory quite impressive all things considered.

So here is a guy that basically came out of the wind to be a two-term president. Note 98% of the US population never heard of Obama before the Democratic primary started in late 2007 (you may enjoy our March 29, 2008 posting about the candidates- if they were Alien Beings). So where did this guy really come from and for “fun” let’s say not from here. And when I say not from here, I am not saying he is not from Hawaii or from the USA.

So let’s see– Obama is a very smart guy, a very capable speaker, a powerful leader and a good guy, with most people liking him as a person, including great praise from people around the world. He is an amazing combination of a human being, maybe too good to be a regular human being, especially in this day and age. America politics today seems to be dominated by awful politicians. These politicians don’t care about other people, only for their personal agendas and their corporate supporters.

Ok so my fun theory, about where Obama came from is IDR or the interdimensional realm. Why the IDR?– he is a bit magical, a bit strange, and seems to have some abilities others would like to have. He can mold minds and hearts (in a good way), like fairies, wee people, and elves. And remember he does have funny ears.

Sleep tight…now that heavy politics is over (for awhile), good dreams now resume.


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