Sitting across from me in a hypnotic state is my client who is in the darken room with lit candles glowing. I listen intently to my client’s words as it is described by the client who is reliving “driving down a dark road”. “Just trying to get home” the client said, on a cold wet winter evening. A red truck quickly passes the client’s car at a great amount of speed. All of a sudden a bright white light appears from out of nowhere upon the client’s vehicle, lighting up the area as if it were somehow day time, directly in front of his/her vehicle is a large object that shines a bright light onto its subject. “It’s going to hit my car”!! Yells the client! The car swerves and control is lost, the car ending up in a ditch. The client is rendered unconscious.

Minutes later the client experiences a “waking up to the visual fact” of the abduction experience. “I feel very groggy”. “I must be in a hospital”, states the client. “Oh! My God”, “I am still in my car”! “No! No”! “Don’t let it be”!

The car door opens and the client is floated out of the car by an alien extraterrestrial. Wide awake now, this intelligent human being who was taken out of sequence of normal life is surveying the environment which the client finds himself/herself in. “There’s the red truck that past me up”, the client exclaims loudly! “Oh no”, I’m onboard their ship. “There’s more than one of them”! (The alien beings are described here). The client feeling as if his body is just going to fall onto the silver floor as he is watching the alien extraterrestrials remove a lifeless looking man from the red truck that is “parked” not far away from my client’s vehicle and as he watches the extraterrestrials take the listless man off to somewhere else, “just out through the sliding opened door” the client states. The client is in a stupor quickly wondering how he and his car along with the driver of the red truck were transported into a room such as this, yes, knowing he is onboard an alien craft. The client is quickly taken a hold of by his arms by the two beings and somewhat “dragged” out of this room into a curved hallway and either walked or floated to a distance into another room that held a large round silver colored device that was partitioned by two feet high metal walls between flat surfaces that held other human beings that were lying on this large round metal device.

Another description of the inside of an alien extraterrestrial craft. Different sizes and shapes mostly unseen to the human eye, daytime or night-time by the general populace of our world. Many daily sightings unmistakably do occur every day and night. Recorded by humans who have a camera in hand and who are willing to turn over the proof of the pictures. Many of these “crafts” can be viewed as reputable researchers into this phenomenon have put up many various pictures of different crafts via the internet.

I myself have been on small to very large alien ships. Memory once again brings me to a small craft. Upon waking up in a “small room” I was walked to a not far away distant by my Friendly Grey Raytheon, to the control room of one small craft. The door slid upwards into the control room where there were three other Greys’ at the control panel. How did I know it was a small round craft? There were port windows circling the round room in which I was in. I asked to look through the windows which I did, and I could see outside of the craft because there were lights located on the outside of the craft, the roundness of this craft appeared to be a small shuttle craft.

The curved control panel where three of the Grey’s sat monitoring the course of the ship by placing their hands onto a small curved panel that held outlines of their hands as the Grey’s would place their hands onto these indented metal shapes. Many different colored lights of red, orange, green lights were used as indicators of speed, pressure, and whatever else that is used to fuel and power these ships.

In an area that I have found and described as being located in Los Alamos, NM I was led out of this medium ship by the Grey’s onto a slanted walkway (after the ship landed onto ground in a wooded forest). Because of bright lights above the walkway I was able to see and describe this craft. I would say this round craft was about one story high, and the length approximately 60 feet long or longer?

One August evening recently, while sitting outside, looking towards the Sandia Mountain range, east of my home. A telepathic communication was heard and instructions were for me to look up in the darken night time sky. To a sense of wonderment and joy, floating quickly, quietly and very low directly over my home, was a large cigar shaped ship. This cigar shaped ship was outlined with red and white lights as it passed over my home traveling northeast towards the Sandia Mountain range. How thoughtful I thought of them, as one year before I relived this same scenario in the same month. What a coincidence I thought, what is the reasoning behind this though? Perhaps this is one ship that I’ve been on? Is this ship a Reptilian or Reptilian/Government or just a Government ship, I pondered.

Let’s talk about a particular craft I suspect having been on. The Mother lode of ships. This particular ship (I’m told by my abductors) is located somewhere out within our universe and not located close in proximity to planet earth. This Mother ship is like a small city within itself. Its purpose is like a main “gathering” point; half way point or not, I don’t really know but is a place for gathering of most alien ships; alien species/cultures which there are many. On this particular ship you will find many laboratories, medical, chemical, research, large rooms where reactors are built and new technology is tested. Many human scientist come and go and do work there as well, learning new technology. If you have seen over the years any of the Star War films I feel that the “mother ships” are correct in what you see in these Star War movies. Quite complex.

Perhaps some of my readers who are abductees, experiencers, or contactee’s can describe some more in regard to extraterrestrials ships they have been on? Let me hear from you on this subject!

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