I dizzily awaken from the touch to my temples realizing once again I am not in my own bed; but, “my God where am I”!! Is this one of my “real dreams” again I ask myself? The answer to my question is heard in my head somehow and that sound seems to be traveling from my ears in response to my question. That is exactly how you hear their voice when “They” meaning the Grey’s speak to you. You do not hear an actual voice!! For the longest time, I felt “They” had actual voices coming from their small slit mouths to speak! “No way Jose’”!

This mode of telepathic communication is used by all the extraterrestrials except the Nordics who can and will use actual vocal cords to speak with you; they also have the capacity to use their “telepathic voice” to communicate. Mind readers—you yourself do not need to speak out loud via vocal cords. “They all” know what you are immediately thinking and immediately “read your mind” even before you speak.

After awakening from a lying down position on the familiar table I am helped up by my friendly Grey Raytheon. Raytheon is always with me when I awake onboard ship and remains with me for the duration.

Raytheon always guides me out of a small or large medical room, whichever it is as to whatever ship I have been taken to at the time. As you know there are different sizes and shapes of space ships, and I have been taken to several different sizes and shapes of ships. How do I know this? I have seen many of the various and different sizes of rooms. Each room has different technical equipment or some type of laboratory, as well as “teaching rooms” and informational rooms.

I am guided this evening or early morning, whatever time it is, as you really don’t have a clue to the time of night you are being abducted; down this curved hall and led into a very large room. Entering the room with Raytheon, I see many humans sitting or standing around the curvature of this large room. I notice and have seen a bench like sitting arrangement that seems to be built directly out of the smooth curvature of the wall. Families, single men, women or children brought onboard by themselves are sitting in a numbed or drugged state….waiting for what is the unknown to them. To my far right are silver tables with odd looking chairs where some people are sitting. I am walked to that particular area where I meet some family members that I will have another encounter with in the future.

Many of my clients have been taken to this same large room as well, but I failed to realize or see when I was in this particular room men, women, and children attached somehow to the upper walls as described by some of my clients who I have guided through hypnotherapy.

Missing time anyone? Especially while driving your vehicle at any time of day or night, and finding yourself awakening in an unfamiliar place onboard an alien ship. Yes, there is a room located on a large ship that holds a large entry room large enough to hold several vehicles, (small trucks, cars of different sizes) if you are abducted while driving your own vehicle. Several of my clients and I have experienced this type of abduction awakening in our own vehicle thinking we are still driving down the interstate or that country road! We after, the particular extraterrestrials are “finished” with whatever we are brought onboard for, “They” return us back to our vehicles, and with the touch of their fingers to our temples we are then brought back to the same site either parked on the side of the road, or in full conscious state driving to our destination but only a couple of hours late and not realizing this until we arrive late at our destination!

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