Did Northwest Flight 188 have a major Blue Fog Encounter? Is it all True Series# 106

Well looks like I will interrupt my David Icke series – to discuss a current event – when you read this over a week has passed since a Northwest flight from San Diego to Minneapolis, had an interesting problem, no contact with the outside world for 78 minutes and worse overshot their destination by 150 miles. Some say the pilots were sleeping, while others say they the pilots were distracted from their duties by an argument they had been having and never noticed the numerous attempts from the outside world to contact them. So as of Friday evening, two days after the event, the first officer denied both the sleeping and the argument.

Wow, well I agree with the first officer, no normal sleeping and no arguing may have been involved – they had missing time – another- world encounter, not a rare as one would think. I have researched missing time encounters for over 40 years.

About 12 years ago I lived in Peachtree City, Georgia just south of the world largest travel airport Atlanta’s Hartsfields Jackson International Airport. Peachtree City, the beautiful suburb of Atlanta, I was told had more per capita pilots than anywhere’s else in the world, which probably explains why I had so many neighbors and friends who were pilots. After hanging out together in PTC I heard many stories of strange events in the skies from the pilots’ viewpoints, and they are very creditable observers. Many lights were observed moving at amazing non – human speeds bouncing around the heavens. I remember one guy saying it was as if his plane was a model –T and the other craft was an Indy type racecar. There were also daylight sightings of huge ships as big as two aircraft carriers connected together. Then there was the Blue Fog events happening during the night where two bright lights would appear one on each side of the plane and then the cabin would fill with a soft blue haze/ fog, and that would be all the crew and the passengers remembered – missing time. Typically during these events there were no interruption of the flight and nobody on the outside world knew anything different. The plane’s crew and the passengers only briefly remembered the fog and feeling a little strange and most quickly forgot, and continued normally onto their destination. Two different pilots recalled the same type of event to me from two separate flights.

Returning back to the events of Flight 188, more evidence that something of high strangeness has occurred has appeared. First the three flight attendants on board the flights were not alerted to the fact there was no prep for a landing as they approached Minneapolis the first time. Also, in the cockpit the displays should have warned the pilots it was time to land. Finally there were the bright city lights of Minneapolis alerting everyone they had reached their destination.

We will never know the real truth behind this very strange event. It may take dozens of similar events to awaken our consciousness to what has been happening for at least 100 years – of missing time. If I could have 10 minutes with each crewmember and passenger I would find the truth.

Sleep tight – its only blue fog.

Blue Fog
Cabin of Flight 188 ?

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