Disclosure Mission Impossible- But Enlightenment is Coming to Some.

Area 51Well another year is coming to an end, and UFO/ Alien disclosure again hasn’t happened… or has it? In my travel around the country this year, I have found that acceptance of UFOs and other beings is becoming more and more of a possibility in people’s minds. Many people with whom I have talked are willing to entertain the idea that maybe; just maybe, they (the other beings) have been here for thousands of years.
I have been into UFO/Paranormal study for most of my life. Chances are most of my encounters have been forgotten or suppressed. Many people around me share my belief that this is a multi-dimensional universe. I truly believe this situation exists here on earth. The Universe is a vast realm of 13 dimensions or veils. Note all of these veil travelers cannot penetrate all the veils. The amount of vibrational shift individual beings can create determines their ability to move between dimensions.
There is a deep gut feeling inside me that some type of massive enlightenment will prevail on earth. One of the reasons for this feeling is my profound knowledge that global climate change has passed the tipping point and the acceleration of global warming is entering the rapid stage of no return, the point that mankind cannot stop. Of course this begs the question, will one or more of the other dimensional races step it and stop the total destruction of this beautiful blue planet? I am going to bet they will, but at a major cost to the human race. There will have to be a reduction of humans in this surface dimension called the 3th dimension. But good news there is room in other dimensions if the humans are willing to do the work and raise their personal vibratory levels to match one of the higher dimensions. For many it will be a mission impossible and unfortunately their souls and human essences will have to be recycled.
Sleep tight, the dimensional universe is the ultimate adventure and with some work, we can all enjoy its splendor.

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