#Disinformation# — IT Runs the World.

It is everywhere, in the Media, in Big Business, from our Government, in our religious and academic institutions.
It is there preying on Truth. The main reason why I developed this site was to find and preserve the great Cosmic truths. I figure for each truth there is a dozen lies, to cover that one truth. But why do humans enjoy disinformation? Is it an easier road to follow? Is truth about life is too hard to understand? Disinformation gives us the vehicle to justify hell on earth. It gives us the ability to change history. To Hell with truth, its too hard to swallow. Disinformation can be molded into great feeling lies. Disinformation has killed millions and millions over the ages.
Gregg Bishop wrote a wonderful book about disinformation it is about a scientist and our government and how they destroyed this man with disinformation,(Project Beta). Paul Bennewitz was looking for the truth, he trusted our government to help him find this truth, he was open and straight forward, but they were not. They killed him with crap (disinformation). They lead him on a smoke and mirrors campaign.You know, if Paul’s truth is true the whole world will end because of disinformation (read the book).

In the Movie “A Few Good Men” 1990 Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson
Goes like this – Kaffee: “I want the truth.” reply Colonel: ” You can’t handle the truth”.

Can we handle the truth? We have no choice or we will become extinct?
To find the truth is a purpose of life

Below — The House of Disinformation

The House of Disinformation

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