Dispatch from "Mr. K"

Over the last year I have received emails, letters and phone calls from people claiming to have paranormal experiences with the psychic Sasquatch. Some of those who wrote to me were housewives,a road maintenance worker, a supervisor at a private company, a hypnotherapist, a forklift operator, a factory worker, mechanical engineer, and most recently, an attorney. I interpret this to mean that this is the Sasquatch people’s way of slowly coming out publicly. All of these “contactees” experienced mental telepathy and for five of them it is ongoing. The Sasquatch select people they feel they can trust and it’s not uncommon for them to tell the experiencer to contact me since I have been researching the phenomenon for 51 years now. The beings want us to pray more, store food, water, and supplies and to move into the country because they sense war, and devastation on some level over the next 5 years.

Kewaunee . kewaunee-picture.JPG

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